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Trifecta Gourmet Sauces – Product Review

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: July 31, 2014

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The Trifecta Sauce Company is based in Louisville, KY and traces it routes to co-owner Matt Trimpe’s backyard in 1996 when they ran out of sauce at a backyard BBQ and using what he had on hand and a faint recollection of his mother’s sauce he made his own. The name comes because they aim for and achieve the right blend of sweet, savory and spice.

Editors Note: We would like to hank our friends at Estes PR and Trifecta Sauce Company for providing us with free samples for review. As a reminder we at Grilling With Rich never accept payment for our reviews, you can read our Product Review Guidelines here.

The Trifecta Sauce Company carries the Kentucky Proud label which is the trademarked brand for products grown and produced in the Bluegrass State. The red, green, and blue logo stands for foods grown, raised, and/or produced in Kentucky that consumers can serve to their families with confidence while supporting Kentucky’s farm families. Buying local products strengthens the economy by keeping dollars at home and building a sense of community. To learn more about Kentucky Proud, or to find a list of products and producers, visit

Personally, I am always a fan of programs like Kentucky Proud because there is nothing greater than knowing you are supporting your local economy or at least the local economy that the product calls home.

Now, let’s get to the sauces…

Trifecta Gourmet SaucesThey sent me 3 different ones to try: Original Barbecue Sauce, Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce and Kentucky Bourbon Marinade. Each different and unique on its own and very tasty.

First, the Original Barbecue Sauce is a traditional tomato-based sauce that is thick and is a little sweet, tangy and spicy. It is also all-natural and Gluten Free. I am a fan of a thick sauce because if I am putting sauce on something I want it to stay and a thick sauce tends to do that and not roll off the receptor.

Second, we have the “Sweet Heat” which is a personal favorite style of mine. I like a little heat with my que but don’t want it to be all heat without some nice flavors to balance it out. Luckily, this sauce is balanced delightfully and I recommend it for use on all your favorite proteins. Described by the folks at Trifecta as a tomato based sauce that is sweet, tangy and spicy, with a mild heat and smoke flavor it is a great blend that is delightful. I recommend using it as a way to spice up a grilled chicken sandwich, or mixed in with your Mac-n-Cheese to give it a unique tangy spicy cheese flavor.

Last, but certainly not least we have the Kentucky Bourbon Marinade which as you guessed it is a marinade made using some quality Kentucky Bourbon. This marinade has a great blend of flavors and the addition of the bourbon adds just the right amount of caramel and vanilla notes to the aroma.  This marinade would go great with anything you desire and combined with one of Trifecta’s great sauces it creates great flavors and maximum enjoyment. I also personally recommend enjoying some delicious bourbon when using this marinade and recommend Baker’s Bourbon.

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