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Some Ideas of Hosting a BBQ Party on a Budget

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 18, 2013

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We all know how times are really tough for many American’s right now. Also, we know how much we LOVE to eat and also spend on hosting a barbecue with all our friends, family and even those annoying neighbors of yours.

Hosting a party can become expensive if you’re not paying close attention as you shop and prepare.  So I have put together some ideas of hosting a BBQ party on a budget.

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5. Host a summertime potluck party

This is most likely the easiest way to save money for your next barbecue party. By having your guests bring one dish that they created it will save you costs in purchasing all the ingredients for a full bash. The additional benefit of having a potluck barbecue party is that you will see some creative grilling and barbecue recipe ideas that you can try on your own. I know that whenever I have a barbecue party, I always come out of the night saying to myself: Hey I want to  try that dish that so and so brought to the house.

4.  Choose the less expensive vodka

Hey, we all love a top-notch bar drink or even having the best and most expensive bottle of vodka on hand right! But think about it this way, if you go with the less expensive vodka you will have extra money to spend in your meat budget which is a bit more important than getting people completely drunk and not having them enjoy the amazing barbecue and smoked foods that you spent all day and night working on.

3. Choose your menu  and recipes wisely

Before heading the store make sure that you have done your research on specifically on what you want to barbecue or grill for the afternoon and most importantly check out Grilling with Rich for some some great and sometimes unusual barbecue and or grilling recipes on the web. I am sure that you will find some great ideas from the site.

2. Choose the less expensive cut of meat

I am not a big advocate of this suggestion but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. There are plenty of great cuts of expensive cuts of meat that you can get and still produce some great results. An untrimmed brisket is one of the cheapest cuts of meats on the market. Some inexpensive cuts of meats to think about: Chicken; Hotdogs; and the “Poor Man’s Rib Eye: Chuck Eye Steak.”  [click here for some great suggestions on how to pick that correct chuck eye steak.]

1. Don’t go overboard with fuel and charcoal

This tip is really for the charcoal grilling parties as if you don’t put the right amount of charcoal in your smoker you will have a longer cook and more people un-happy. So, for the charcoal grillers out there, don’t go overboard and dump a full 20lb bag of Kingsford or whatever you use into the grill at one time – three pounds should cook any meal for four to six people. If you are using propane, don’t use all your burners all the time and once you are done grilling, shut the propane off right away.

Well, I am sure that your summertime or even all year long barbecue will be a great success and also on budget if you follow these great tips! Don’t forget the most important aspect of a barbecue cookout is to have fun! Oh, and take a lot of pictures!

See you on the grill!

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