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Savannah Jean’s BBQ Sauces

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: November 20, 2014

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The great thing about BBQ Sauce is like beer the possibilities I believe are endless and are completely up to the creators. Savannah Jean’s BBQ is no exception and they recently were kind enough to send me their “Original Sweet & Savory” and their unique “Chipotle Mango”.

Editors Note: We would like to thank the kind folks at Savannah Jean’s BBQ for providing these sauces for review. As always Grilling With Rich never accepts payment for product reviews and our guidelines can be found, here.

Savannah Jean’s BBQ started in 2011 when husband and wife team Todd and Jeaninne decided to take their BBQ to the next level and named the company after their 4 year old, at the time, daughter. Since that time Todd has been cooking with Aporkalypse Now, which is one of the Top 20 KCBS teams in the country, so he knows Que.

Savannah Jean's BBQ SaucesFirst up, the “Original Sweet & Savory” which seems to be very popular/trendy style right now. However, not all sauces are created equal and this is one of the better ones I’ve had. It is a tomato-based sauce that is relatively thin and, usually I prefer thicker sauce but the blend on this sauce is exceptional. The flavor is truly sweet and savory with the sweetness showing up on the front end with just a little back-end bite to make it truly delicious. I would recommend this sauce for anything but it would be exceptionally great on a Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza, Rich’s recipe can be found here.

Then came the completely unique “Chipotle Mango” I honestly had no idea what to expect with this one. Mango being an extremely tropical citrus fruit that I happen to love and Chipotle peppers, which are jalapenos that have fully ripened and gone from green to red. Then once they begin to dry out they are smoked for days giving them their unique flavor. Therefore, the combination of the two highly intrigued me and I must say … it was AWESOME! The sweetness of the Mango hits your tongue first upfront and then the heat comes on the back-end leaving a nice spicy flavor on your tongue. This is a great sauce and I highly recommend it for chicken as the uniqueness of the sauce goes great with chicken or just about anything else. It is a truly unique sauce so grab a bottle and experiment.

All in all Savannah Jean’s has two exceptional sauces and as a relatively young company expect many more great sauces, rubs and other BBQ products to come from this group. I look forward to it for sure. You can buy the sauces on their website here – and also at


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