Sauce Madness 2014 - Rd 1 | Grilling with Rich Sauce Madness 2014 - Rd 1

Sauce Madness 2014 – Rd 1

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Published: March 17, 2014

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March means March Madness and we thought it was time that BBQ lovers had their own March Madness, introducing Grilling with Rich’s first SAUCE MADNESS!

For our inaugural sauce madness we will start with 8 sauces and end up with one champion by the time we are done. Voting for each round will be open for a period of 1 week.

Introducing our competitors who have been ranked alphabetically for this year:

  1. Big Bob Gibson Alabama White Sauce (GWR Review)
  2. Garland Jack’s Secret Six Barbecue Sauce (GWR Review)
  3. Holy Smokes BBQ Sauce (GWR Review)
  4. Killer Hogs (GWR Review)
  5. Meat Mitch Barbecue Sauce (GWR Review)
  6. Sweet Swine o’ Mine (GWR Review)
  7. The Shed Spread Original Southern Sweet (GWR Review)
  8. Ubon’s Sauce (GWR Review)

Good luck to all of our competitors and the first round polls are below:


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