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Buz and Neds: A Richmond VA BBQ Tradition since 1992

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: September 16, 2014

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Everyone’s BBQ story is so different either it is a tradition handed down from your family or something that you picked up along the long journey of life or you were a cook before you started with cooking in a restaurant kitchen and then move to making great smoked meats. Whatever it is we all love barbecue and smoked meats. Buz Grossberg from Buz and Neds which is located in the Richmond, VA area’s barbecue story is something extremely different but his passion for providing great quality barbecue.

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Buz Grossberg’s barbecue story starts by cooking BBQ in Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Kansas City, Lexington and Memphis. Buzz learned the BBQ secrets of many of the country’s famous BBQ regions and traveled and explored every highly touted BBQ joint he could find, (from Do-City BBQ in the Fog City, to Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, from Sonny Bryan’s in Dallas to Goldie’s in Vicksburg, from Scott’s BBQ in Lexington, TN, to Lexington’s BBQ #1 in Lexington, N.C.) sharing secrets with the old timers who were tending the pits and preparing secret family recipes, (many of which have been handed down for generations).


It was on one of his journeys that he ran across Ned at the crossroads connecting the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Ned was producing the best barbecue Buz had ever tasted. Using recipes that had been handed down for over 150 years, that old-timer was a county legend and their best-kept secret. Before giving up the ghost, Ned passed his secrets on to Buz, making him promise to keep his family BBQ tradition alive and that is how Buzz and Neds was formed.

I had a chance to both meet Buz and try all of his amazing barbecue while I was in Richmond, VA attending Redskins Training Camp. I sampled some amazing barbecue ribs, barbecue brisket, the barbecue chicken, sausages and even amazing southwest shrimp skewers where the shrimp was wrapped in bacon!  The side dishes were also amazing from the baked beans to the french fries even the most important side dish to me: Mac and Cheese made me wanting more. At the end of the meal, I barley had any room for any more amazing barbecue.

So I enjoyed the food at Buz and Ned’s, it had the amazing smoke flavor and the overall atmosphere at Buz and Ned’s was like going to a barbecue restaurant in the heart of Hill Country in Texas where you can just smell the barbecue meats right when you enter the front doors. The only thing that I was a bit turned off on was the amount of barbecue sauce right on the meat when the server brought it to the table. I don’t know about you but when I eat good barbecue I want to be able to add the amount of sauce that I feel comfortable using not the chef or pitmaster in the back.  I also will say that the menu at Buz and Neds was very comprehensive and didn’t let any serious barbecue lover down.

Overall Buz and Ned’s food and atmosphere was amazing. The whole dining experience was great and something that I could 100% see myself coming back to over and over again whenever I am in the Richmond, VA and attending Redskin Training camp for sure!


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