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The Portable Elevate Grill

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: April 7, 2015

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The Elevate Grill Closed

Photo Credit: Point Elevate

If you are into grilling you know that there are 100s of different grills out there, if you didn’t know this you can easily see by viewing our new BBQ & Grill Finder tool. This makes it even more impressive when someone comes out with something new that is truly unique. That new grill would be the portable Elevate Grill by Point Elevate.

<<Editors Note: We would like to thank the folks at Point Elevate for sending us an Elevate Grill to use and review.>>

The Elevate Grill is a gas grill that uses a small camping style propane tank, its meant to be portable. It features over 286 square inches of cooking space, meaning each side can hold up to 9 burgers, 12 hot dogs, 9 drum sticks or 6 filets to give you an idea on just how large it is. The individually temperature controlled sides allow you to have both a hot zone and cool zone if you need it.

As with any grill the ability to easily clean it is also a concern, this grill features removable grates and grease trays that are both dishwasher safe. Although, I don’t recommend using the dishwasher for your greats, it will ruin the seasoning on the cast iron grill grate.

Elevate Grill Open

Photo Credit: Point Elevate

One of my favorite features of the Elevate Grill is the portability and the fact that everything is contained in one unit. As you can see in the photo above the base of the grill opens up to store the small propane tank. Then the handles used to carry it fold out to create the legs when the grill is open.

This makes the grill perfect for camping, tailgating or anyplace else you want to bring a small grill easily. It’s large surface area allows you to cook a large amount of food at once as well. One side can easily fit up to 9 burgers or 18 hot dogs or 6 filets to give you an idea of the size.

Another great feature that adds to the functionality of theElevate Grill is the optional griddle plate that is not included which makes is great for camping in my opinion because you make pancakes and bacon in the morning on one side, and steak and potatoes on the other side later.

According to the folks at Point Elevate a single tank will last approximately 1.5 hours depending on how high you have the heat on each side and they are in the process of working on an adapter to connect it to standard size propane tanks.

All in all this is a great grill if you are looking for portability. They are currently in their Kickstarter phase and you can get in on the early action, and they are guaranteeing delivery by June to those who pledge on Kickstarter by the end of April 2015.

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