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A Quick Guide To the Best Steak Cuts For Your Summer BBQ

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 29, 2015

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There are few finer meals than a perfectly cooked steak. Drenched in your favorite sauce (peppercorn for us please!) and served with fries and salad. Delicious! It’s a simple delicacy, and an all-round crowd pleaser. There’s a steak for everyone, and you can cook each one to your taste. Whether you love it red and bloody, or crispy and well-done, the steak is customizable. But, what about the cuts of meat themselves? What are they, and which is the best?

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Well, there is no best cut. Some will claim that the fillet is the finest cut, while others are happy getting stuck into a chewy rump. They’re all great cuts, but what makes them unique? That’s what we’re looking at today. As barbecue season gets into full swing, we’re here to help sort your T-Bone from your Ribeye. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Richard Wachtel

  • Fillet Steak – Fillet steak is usually the most expensive on the menu at your favourite restaurant. It’s also the smallest. So, it must be the best, right? Well, for some, it certainly is. The thing that makes the fillet steak so beautiful is the texture. It comes from inside the sirloin and the muscle itself does no work. So, there’s no fat. Our expert butcher, Donald Russell tells us it’s the softest and most tender joint. On the downside, meat lovers won’t find it as tasty as other cuts.
  • Rump – When it comes to full meaty taste, it’s hard to beat the rump steak. We don’t advise eating this rare. Stick to a medium-rare (at least) or it can get quite chewy and tough. The cut itself comes from the backside of the cow, so there’s plenty of it.
  • Ribeye – Ribeye has become something of a cultural phenomenon lately. Its popularity amongst diners is increasing, and we’re seeing more of it on menus. Why? Well, it’s packed full of flavour. There’s a central line of fat running right through the core. That gives it a delicious, mouth-watering flavour that’s perfect for barbecues. Ribeye steaks are great for eating rare; they’re the perfect mix of taste and soft texture.
  • Feather blade – The feather blade is a lesser-known cut, but it’s one of our favourites. You’ll only find two on the whole cow (each on the shoulder blade). If you love rare steaks, give this one a try. We don’t recommend cooking it any longer than a couple of minutes either side or it gets very tough.
  • Sirloin – We’re regularly confused by those who choose the sirloin cut. For us, it’s one of the least inspiring cuts. There’s a nice beefy flavour when served on the bone, but otherwise, we’d advise one of the others!
  • T-Bone – The T-bone is a very strange cut of meat! Half sirloin, half fillet, it cooks at two different rates. We cooked it perfectly once (but just once!) The T-bone is best left to an expert chef, because when they get it right, it’s delicious.

Now you know your sirloin from your rump, grill lovers! Which is your favourite cut of meat?

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