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Product Review: Grillight Grilling Tools

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: July 31, 2015

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One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of BBQ tools and accessories on the market. People are always coming up with new and interesting things. The latest thing I received was a set of Grillight Grilling tools.

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If you couldn’t tell by the name, these are tools with removable LED flashlights for those times you are grilling in the dark and need a little extra light shined on the grill. The set I got included a spatula, tongs, basting brush, fork and an apron with magnetic holders and pockets. They also make a fish spatula as well.

Grill Light Product Review and Rating

When I first read about these I thought they were really a niche product and after getting them and seeing them I agree. While the tools themselves are of a decent quality, I am just unsure how often I would want the flashlight built into the tool, as most people tend to just get grill lights.  Also, the flashlights have proven very difficult to remove requiring a significant amount of force to remove them from the handle of the tool with the exception of the tongs. I tried to remove and replace the light several times to see if it got any loser and had no luck.

Another thing I found odd was the shadows cast by the tools during use, they tried to account for this by having the handles rounded and the head of the tool a bit offset but it tends to make the tool awkward and builky to use in my opinion.

All in all my recommendation would be to get a set of regular tools and a clip on light for your grill if needed. For the cost of the set at time of writing of $79.95 for spatula, tongs, fork and basting brush with apron  you could get the following instead:

For savings of $15.63.

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