Praise & Quotes about BBQ Person of the Year

Quotes from Past Sponsors about BBQ Person of the Year 

“It’s been a big year for barbecue and we’re eager to see who will earn the coveted Grilling with Rich BBQ Person of the Year title. As the top choice for many champion pitmasters and the top-selling charcoal in the country, we’re proud to reward the winner with a year’s supply of Kingsford® charcoal.” – Drew McGowan, Kingsford® charcoal

“It’s exciting to work with someone like Richard Wachtel who is passionate about grilling and wants to share his expertise and ideas with others. Johnsonville is proud to work with Grilling with Rich and his BBQ Person of the Year initiative that gets everyone fired up about grilling. The full, juicy flavor of Johnsonville is a great way to enjoy time around the grill with friends and family.”

“The National Barbecue Association couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Grilling with Rich’s BBQ Person of the Year,” said Jeff Allen, NBBQA executive director. “The contest has become a must win in the BBQ community, and it is only going to get bigger and better.”

Quotes from previous Winners

  • 2013 BBQ Person of the Year Steve Coddington: “I am honored to even be considered for this award let alone to make the final cut. Some of these guys have helped shape me as a Pitmaster and guided me along on this journey. I am looking forward to being an ambassador to BBQ and hope to bring more recognition to BBQ in Michigan…”
  • 2012 BBQ Person of the Year Operation BBQ Relief: “Operation BBQ Relief is humbled by the support we have revived from the BBQ community and those outside the BBQ community in being named BBQ person of the Year! We are very grateful that we were selected by our pears to represent BBQ! It means a lot that Operation BBQ Relief is recognized for all our volunteers hard work. The volunteers are the backbone of the organization and what makes it great…” – Shane Petzold President of the Board of Directors of Operation BBQ Relief
  • 2011 BBQ Person of the Year Brad Orrison, The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint: “Winning BBQ person of the year from such a recognized website like Grilling with Rich was a tough row to hoe because it’s a vote of My BBQ peers against the best in the game or sport of BBQ but the title came home to Mississippi in 2011! The competition was fierce for the coveted title in 2012 whoever wins this year will officially be “sittin on top of the world” just like my old blues friend Pine Top Perkins used to say when he was Gettin Fed at The Shed!!.. the folks at Grilling with Rich have created an epic title which I will try to win every year! May the smoke never clear in the battle for BBQ person of the year

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