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Pop-up Portable Grill Review

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: August 14, 2015

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Photo Credit: The Grommet

Photo Credit: The Grommet

There is no shortage of portable grills on the market, both gas and charcoal and new ones seem to be coming out everyday. I think its because as more Americans leave the suburbs for the city their craving for a BBQ with friends and family never dies. Therefore, the need for something portable to take to the local park or beach to grill increases.

Introducing the Pop Up Grill by The Grommet a truly portable travel grill that compresses to only 3-inches thick and fits in a handy carry bag along with its legs and designed for you to put your charcoal in it to carry that with you to your BBQ location as well. The Pop Up Grill is teflon coated grill, and includes three leg props, two grill grates, and three sections to build the grill.

Grilling Product Review and Rating of the Pop-Up Portable Grill

Photo Credit: The Grommet

Photo Credit: The Grommet

The easy setup makes it very convenient and I like the fact that it is designed to be carried in a pouch along with your charcoal and fire-starters for ease of use. One of the great unique features of the grill is that you can also use the grill grate and 3 legs over an open fire as well if you are out camping.

On the flip-side there is no lid for this so it does it make harder to keep the temps high if desired, but since its primary purpose is grilling simple things in my view like burgers, chicken and dogs while camping or on the beach it works quite well.

If you are looking for a portable grill for days in the park or at the beach that can cook a few things and is portable and easy to carry this is it. I truly like the Pop Up Grill by Grommet.

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