Grilling with Rich’s Sponsored Content Program



Grilling With Rich’s sponsored content program allows you to promote your company’s brand, issues and ideas in a smart, essential, must-read manner on the hottest platform in the barbecue and grilling platform.

The content is produced or curated by our advertisers, lives on Grilling With Rich and is promoted alongside Grilling With  Rich’s own editorial content.  Our editorial department has no involvement in the creation of sponsored content.


Our advertisers have the opportunity to share their content in five ways:

  • Branded columns
  • Custom videos
  • Custom slideshows
  • Custom infographics
  • Branded topic pages


The content will live on Grilling With Rich and be promoted on the home page with a headline and photo. This content will also appear on one of our topic pages as well as be featured in other promotional vehicles across our site and also via our social media networks.

Terms & Conditions

While editorial has no involvement in creating sponsored content, Grilling With Rich existing advertising policy provides that “Grilling With Rich,” in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any submitted advertisement” and will do so if any sponsored content fails to meet our standards.

Interested in finding out more?
Send an email to with the Subject Line: Sponsored Content Information

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