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The popularity of barbecue has taken America by force. According to a recent study, 86% of households in the United States own an barbecue, grill, or a smoker, and this number continues to increase over past years.

Contact Rich for the latest Advertizing Rates for Grilling with Rich (GWR) is a website dedicated to all-things grilling and barbecue.

Advertising on is a low-cost high impact solution for your barbecue product. Not only will your barbecue product be seen by a diverse audience from around the world, you will receive personal attention and service from our staff.  As a fellow small business owner, I understand that advertising is an important investment.  I  will work hard to ensure you reap the rewards of your investment, and that your product is viewed by as many people as possible.

Contact Rich for the latest Advertizing Rates for Grilling with Rich

Our featured daily articles include: Grilling with Rich barbecue/grilling  recipe adventure, product review, barbecue sauce review, the weekly Thermoworks “Farenheit Fridays,” and and many other great articles from our guest bloggers, who explore their passion of outdoor cooking. They range from “average” backyard grillers, to pitmasters of award winning barbecue competition teams.

Grilling with Rich Stats at a Glance & How do we Keep Track:
We don’t need to tell you how important it is to your or grilling business how many people view your ad.  We measure our stats primarily through Google Analytics(GA).

What types of Promotions Does Grilling with Rich Offer:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored Twitter Chats
  • Email Newsletter Ads
  • and Traditional Web Banner Ads

Are you a BBQ and Grilling Brand That Would Like to Work With Grilling with Rich

We love working with all different types of barbecue and grilling brands or brands that revolve around the barbecue and grilling world! There are many different types of partnerships that we at Grilling with Rich can work together on including:

  • Sponsored Content Including: Articles; Videos; Tweets and Sponsored Emails
  • Product Giveaways & Reviews
  • Traditional Website Ads
  • Blogging and recipe creation for brand websites
  • Hosting or co-hosting social media events such as Twitter Chats, Facebook Q&A
  • Attending brand events and writing articles based on those events for website
  • Giveaways

We are always open to hearing other ideas that your brand might be interested in!

So just drop us a line to start the conversation!

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Contact Rich for the latest Advertizing Rates for Grilling with Rich

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