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Meet the BBQ Pro: Brian Misko – House of Q

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: April 2, 2015

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Brian Misko from House of Q in Langley, BC, Canada has been busy with his sauces and rubs and now he has a book coming out. We sat down with Brian for just a few minutes to get to know the man, his passions and his love for BBQ. In a future post we will be reviewing his new book, Grilling with House of Q: Inspired Recipes for Backyard Barbecues.  Also, at the end we give you a tease with a link to one of the many recipes from his new book.

Grilling With Rich (GWR): When did your love of BBQ Start?

Brian Misko from House of Q

Brian Misko from House of Q
Photo Credit: Kevin Clark

Brian Misko: I was extensively travelling on business from 2000 to 2004 and saw my first BBQ competition in San Antonio, Texas that was a pivotal moment. The picture is clear in my mind to this day.

GWR: Why do you think we have seen a major growth in the world of BBQ recently and it has become so popular?

Brian: Competitive sport cooking is growing rapidly in many genres with BBQ taking the lead with teams everywhere joining in. I think it is the raw intensity of cooking with fire, smoke, meat and simply wanting to know if you have game that drives many to enter the ring.

GWR: With the growth in the number of BBQ places opening around the country, do you think BBQ can be considered gourmet?

Brian: Even though BBQ pitmasters can craft some of the most intense, complex and amazing flavors anywhere it is a stretch to present it on a well-crafted, garnished white plate. For me, it tastes better served on butcher paper in a parking lot.

GWR: What is your favorite cut of meat to cook and why?

Brian: After winning best ribs at the World Food Championships, I still love to cook them and eat them. After cooking a few thousand pounds of pulled pork over the years, it is now hard to get excited about it… however ribs, I can.

GWR: Now that we know your favorite cut, everyone has one cut they are not a fan of cooking, what’s yours and why?

Brian: Not really a cut but a “fad”, in my opinion that gets me on a soap box rant is beer-can chicken… what’s the point? Seriously, ever heard of a brine? And what a waste of beer!

GWR: House of Q, when did you form the team and what inspired you to take your BBQ from the backyard to the forefront?

Brian: After meeting Paul Kirk, Myron Mixon and Rocky Danner at the Canadian National BBQ Championships as a spectator in 2004, I was hooked…. I knew I needed to do it. Years later when I was invited to be a chef at the Vancouver Winter Olympics I knew I should pay attention to this “hobby” and shortly after that, I made BBQ my professional occupation.

GWR: Your team “House of Q” has had some amazing success on the BBQ circuit. First tell us who your other team members are and then tell us about your most enjoyable competition experience?

Brian: My left hand at competition is my wife Corinne. She guides, coaches, set me straight and settles me in for “game day”. And that is perfect.

One of my most memorable competition moments is standing at an awards ceremony beside my mom and dad as the MC announced House of Q with first place. The event was memorable, rewarding and vivid. Another one is during the parade of teams at the Jack Daniels competition this year the high school band stopped the Canadian contingent right in front of them and then proceeded to play the Canadian national anthem. We sang, waved our flag and fought off tears… imagine that? A high school band in rural Tennessee playing your home countries national anthem? Awesome! (by the way, there is video too…)

GWR: What advice would you give to someone who is just getting started in the world of BBQ?

Brian: Like many sport athletes the best advice is to practice, practice, practice. But that aside I’d say listen to the judges at a contest… learn from the scores you receive and adjust your cook from their input. Put aside your ignorance, opinions and be willing to learn.

GWR: We have our new BBQ and Grill Finder Tool ( launching soon. What type of grill would you recommend to someone who is looking to get started in the world of BBQ and do their first smoking?

Brian: For me and many teams that I see at contests, their first backyard smoker is a Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker. Easy to use, easy to transport around and rather inexpensive compared to big pits. Having said that and after many different cookers over the years, I love my Yoder pellet smoker (YS1500). It’s helped me win many awards.

For gas grills however, I am proud to say almost every photo in my cookbook were cooked on my Crown Verity 36” grill. Awesome and extremely flexible stainless steel grill.

<<Editors Note: If you are trying to find the perfect BBQ or Grill check out our new BBQ and Grill Finder>>

GWR: What is your favorite tool or BBQ Gadget that you make sure to always have with you?

Brian: There are two important tools that can make any cook ready at any cooking event… and that is a digital thermometer and a pair of tongs. If you have those, you are good to go. From there, anything goes…

GWR: Your new cookbook “Grilling with House of Q” is coming out soon, which we will be reviewing. What was the inspiration behind it and what was the most difficult part about writing your own BBQ cookbook? (Editors note: Read the GWR review of the book here)

Brian: The inspiration for my book was to capture the many stories, the lessons from my cooking classes and to share our ten year competition BBQ journey. In the book, I want to inspire cooks to understand more of what they can cook on their grill or smoker, to share the culture of BBQ with their friends and family and of course to simply celebrate while they do it.

The most difficult part was once my manuscript was completed and off to the editor was the first “reviewed” version. That was the true test if what was in your head to what you wrote down really interpreted as you thought or desired. Ultimately it did. The interesting part though is the editor is a vegetarian.

GWR: Anything else you would like to add for our readers?

Brian: I am really proud of our BBQ sauce line that is a direct outshoot of our competition experience. Each sauce has been tested by judges and we repeatedly win awards using them. Coming from a Canadian, we are rather proud to hold top honors at the American Royal for our mustard based sauce (twice awarded 2nd place) even though our Apple Butter remains as our flag ship product.

Cedar-Planked Brie with Cranberry Chutney Photo Credit: Kevin Clark

Cedar-Planked Brie with Cranberry Chutney
Photo Credit: Kevin Clark

GWR: What are all the ways our fans can keep in touch with you? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…)



GWR: Now for a sneak peek of one of the amazing recipes from Brian’s upcoming book Grilling with House of Q: Inspired Recipes for Backyard Barbecues. Click here for his recipe for Cedar-Planked Brie with Cranberry Chutney.


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