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Mallmann on Fire on Fire by Francis Mallmann A Unique Perspective on Outdoor Grilling

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: June 2, 2015

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There have been a handful of cookbooks that have changed the way that I have thought about not only my own style of grilling but also cookbooks that have changed my complete outlook on grilling and barbecue overall. After watching Netflix’ “Chef Table,” and viewing the episode that focuses on Francis Mallmann I knew that I had to learn more about him and also the way that he cooks. Thankfully I learned that Francis was the author of two very popular grilling cookbooks and I knew that after I read both of them I would have a better understanding of his grilling techniques and also his life in general.

Click here for an exclusive recipe directly from Mallmann on Fire: Cowboy Rib Eye a la Plancha with Crispy Brioche Salad and Grilled Dates 

A celebrated chef in the European fine-dining tradition Francis Mallmann shed his white tablecloth heritage and embraced the live fire traditions of his home in Argentina. Mallmann draws cooking techniques from the indigenous Mapuches. Mallmann introduced the world to his new way of grilling in his first cookbook: Seven Fires since then Mallmann has traveled far and wide to share this outsized, romantic and very interesting approach to cooking.

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In Mallmann on Fire, Franics takes his many adventures and creates 100 recipes from his grilling experiences in settings such as the snowy mountainsides, Brazilian beaches and even the backstreets of Brooklyn, NY that even home cooks can prepare simply and beautifully at any place and during any season.

In the chapter titled: “Mallmann on Tools,” Francis explains and shows that you don’t need an expensive barbecue grill that “looks like a command console of a space station,” and all you really need is a “simple grate propped up with rocks over a fire on the ground” to create amazing dishes with amazing flavor profiles.

Some of the amazing recipes that are in the book include recipes for appetizers, salads and light meals, main courses, vegetables and side dishes and lastly desserts and breads.

In addition Mallmann on Fire introduces us the reader a foolproof technique for pan-roasting his Cowboy Rib Eye a la Plancha to a recipe for a charred Herb Salsa and for dessert Mallmann shares a recipe for burnt Peaches and Figs with Amaretto, Lemon Zest and Mint where the peaches are made on a “Chapa” which is a flat piece of cast iron (like a griddle) set over a fire.

Review and Rating of Mallmann on Fire

After seeing Franics Mallman on Netfilix’s Chef Table, I knew right away that I wanted to learn more about Franics but also how he uses open fire to cook some amazing and unique recipes. After reading over Mallmann on Fire I came away with even more of a passion of using open fires to create delicious meals that don’t have to only be pizza’s chicken and steaks.

In addition to the amazing recipes, the book is filled with some amazing photography that really gave me a true impression of what the process of cooking the food along with the actual recipes were going to look like.

Francis pushes the envelope with his recipes for “light meals” such as Asparagus Bundles Wrapped in Bacon with Fried Eggs to a dessert recipe for grilled Pears with Malbec, Cream and Berries, which makes Mallmann on Fire one of my new favorite grilling cookbooks.

Not only was I treated to some amazing recipes and some different cooking techniques, I was also treated to Francis’s poetry and his philosophy that life is best enjoyed outdoors and in the moment. I don’t know about you but it seems the philosophy of enjoying the outdoors is best realized for me when I am spending time with my family and friends at the grill or barbecuing and enjoying each other’s company, now I have a handful of amazing and gourmet recipes to try and even further enjoy the outdoors thanks to Franics Mallmann. I would highly suggest picking a copy of this incredible book today!

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Mallmann on Fire on Fire by Francis Mallmann

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