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How Grilling Can Help You Lose Weight & Win Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 24, 2018

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Keeping that New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy and losing weight is much harder once the fervor of the moment passes. If your healthy eating efforts are waning because you miss the flavors of your former lifestyle, then you’re doing it wrong. Nutritious meals don’t have to be bland! One of the best and easiest ways to prepare healthy, delicious meals is to start grilling. Here are a few of the ways that grilling can help you lose weight while still being able to look forward to mealtime.

 How Grilling Can Help You Lose Weight & Win Your New Year's Resolution

Grilled Meats Have a Reduced Fat Content

Unlike deep-frying or pan frying, which use lots of oil and increase fat content, grilling is a fat-reducing cooking method. If you’re going to eat fatty foods like red meat, throwing them on the grill is a much healthier preparation alternative. To further reduce your fat intake, consider choosing leaner cuts of meat. When you grill a steak, choose beef tenderloin or skirt steak, which are fairly low in fat, and for pork, remember that cuts with ‘loin’ in the name tend to be the leanest. If you’re cooking on a budget, ground turkey is a cheap, low-fat alternative to ground beef for making burgers, or you can choose other cheap options like chicken legs or thighs with the skin cut off (which reduces the fat content).

Seafood is extremely versatile and delicious on the grill, and most fish contain far less fat than other meats while also packing healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the best seafoods to grill include shrimp, scallops, and fillets of salmon, but nearly any fish can be thrown on the grill for a tasty main course packed with lean protein.

Is meat not your thing? Don’t despair. Tofu can also be grilled to delicious perfection. Just be sure to use non-silken texture, dry it out correctly, and a clean grill. You don’t even need marinade if you do it right!

 How Grilling Can Help You Lose Weight & Win Your New Year's Resolution

Grilling Veggies for Fun and Flavor

Another benefit of grilling is that tossing vegetables onto the grill can give them a spike of flavor that sautéed or boiled vegetables often lack. Sprinkling nearly any vegetable with some salt, pepper and olive oil and then grilling them until they’re tender and brown can make even picky eaters love veggies, but remember that the best vegetables to grill are those with high water content (such as zucchini, asparagus and peppers) as they won’t dry out quickly on a grill.

Throw Dessert on the Grill, Too

Another benefit of grilling is that you can make healthier desserts that won’t shatter your New Year’s resolution. Grilling fruit is a great way to make a sweet and healthier dessert option; try grilling fruit kebabs or pineapple slices until they’re slightly golden. You can serve these on top of low-fat ice cream or non-fat frozen yogurt for one of the healthiest dessert options out there.

 How Grilling Can Help You Lose Weight & Win Your New Year's Resolution

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