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Bored with Basic Burgers, New Survey by Johnsonville Sausages Shows Americans Want To Spice Things up This Summer

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: June 27, 2014

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Hang it up, hamburgers. Do it over, dawgs. Check out, chicken. Things are getting spicy, as American grillers say they are looking for something new to fire up this summer.

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In fact, according to a new survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Johnsonville Sausages, own outdoor grills, the majority (57%) say they are looking to get creative this grilling season while many (29%) say they are bored with the same old burger and hot dogs – especially women (32%). Meanwhile only 20% of men want to stick to the basics of their backyard grilling routine.


America’s favorite grilling occasions are the Fourth of July (77%), Memorial Day (62%) and Labor Day (60%), while the average grill owner uses the grill about three days a week during the height of grilling season (Memorial Day – Labor Day).

Sausage and brats are on the scene, poised to be the hot grilling trend of 2014. Last year, Americans grilled or cooked up $3 billion worth of sausage, with the summer months seeing the most spending. “Summer 2014 is poised to be the Summer of Sausage and we’re set to inspire people to turn basic backyard barbecues into sizzling sausage fests,” said Johnsonville owner and “Sausage King” Ralph Stayer. “We’re seeing grillers getting more adventurous and asking for more variety of flavors and spices. It’s going to be one hot summer.”

Hot products to watch this year include Johnsonville’s Firecracker Brats with spicy peppers, Chipotle and Monterey Jack Brats, and Cheddar and Bacon Grillers – gourmet burgers with extra ingredients designed to be a more flavorful alternative to the typical beef burger. And when it comes to buns, while most people eat their brat with a bun (72%), more people are going bun-less this year. One in four women say they typically skip the bun (24%), while younger Millennials are also likely to forgo the bread and may opt for something healthier – like lettuce wraps (7%) .


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