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10 U.S. Barbecue Meccas Across America

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 15, 2013

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BBQ Joints Across AmericaThere are a lot of great and amazing barbecue restaurants and joints around the country that you have no choice and visit. While I haven’t had a chance to visit all of these great places on this list I do know for sure that whenever make it near these areas then I will have for sure visit these amazing barbecue places or even in some cases: “BBQ Meccas.”

From St. Louis to Kansas City to Austin and beyond, I’ve narrowed down 10 top barbecue havens you must go to before you die. There’s a little something for everyone but all with one theme–glorious, tender, amazing piles of meat. Have you tried any of these? What place is hands down your favorite?

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10. BrisketTown, Brooklyn NY


New York City Delaney Barbecue Briskettown

BrisketTown BBQ: Daniel Delany who is the owner of Briskettwon in Brooklyn and I sat down and talked about his barbecue background, and I must say that if you think that he has a traditional barbecue background you are wrong. Daniel went to the University of Arts located in Philadelphia  PA where he earned his degree in Marketing. It wasn’t until he started to travel the U.S. filming  a web only series that focused on food trucks before they hit the main stream. This adventure took him to Austin, Texas where he purchased a 18′ smoker, plus a ton of post oak wood, and hauled both back up home to New Jersey. During his trip to Austin, Texas he had a chance to meet up with the likes of Aaron Franklin,  Wayne Muller and Daniel Vaughn  which made him fall in-love with barbecue and smoked foods.

In a NewYorker Magazine article, BrisketTown was described as: “BrisketTown’s slim menu emphasizes the quality of its meats, which on most nights consist of flesh-heavy ribs and sweet slices of brisket so tender that they fall right off their own charred, peppercorn-specked crusts.

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9. Kreuz Market, Lockhart Texas Kruz Market in Lockhart TX

Kreuz Market: In Lockhart, Texas, the Kreuz Market has a long standing history of dishing up smoky beef brisket, pork spare ribs, and their special sausages. It originally opened in 1900 and its owner, Charles Kreuz started cooking up his meat in barbeque pits in order to preserve it. Over a century later the shop has changed hands, but the quality of the dishes remain, including a handful of German inspired sides.

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8. Louie Mueller’s, Taylor TX  


Louie Mueller’s BBQ: “When God made beef ribs, he did so with the intention that Wayne Mueller would coat them in coarse black pepper and smoke them over post oak,” Daniel Vaughn who is the Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor said. I recently visited Louie Mueller’s BBQ in Taylor Texas. In my review of Louie Mueller’s I said that this is place could be considered “the cathedral of Smoke,” and that is why I had no choice to include Louie Muellers in my Top ten list.

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7.  The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint, Ocean Springs MS

Grilling with Rich at the Shed Barbecue & Blues Joint


The Shed Barbecue and Blues Joint: The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint has a rich and dynamic history. From the opening day of serving up their slow smoked meats and the family’s secret recipes for their side dishes, to winning World Championships, The Shed definitely has a positive presence in the BBQ world today.

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6.  Hill Country BBQ, Washington DC or New York

Hill Country Washington D.C.

Hill Country BBQ: Like it’s sister restaurant in New York City, Hill Country Washington D.C. offers authentic, Texas – style barbecue and sausage, with southern hostility and also some great live music.  Also like the New York City restaurant has a unique style of serving its guests. Hill Country has a very unique style where as soon as you enter the restaurant, you will receive a “Meal Ticket” and then move the “Market” to order meats, sides, desserts and drinks. Now, this is obviously a lot different to the normal dinning experience when you go to a BBQ restaurant where you normally get served by a server. I was a bit taken back and I was a little nervous as I was walking around, and trying to get myself a costumed to the new way of being served. But before we go into the actual review lets get the story behind “Hill Country.” Founder Marc Glosserman who actually  is a native from Bethesda, MD where we worked in a very different environment: the telecom world,  growing companies, engineering acquisitions, earning his MBA from Columbia University, and winning seed funding for his first restaurant venture by the school’s Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurial Fund’s new business plan competition.

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5.  Skylight INN BBQ, Ayden, NC

Skylight BBQ Inn - Barbecue Restaurant by Richard  Wachtel on

Skylight INN BBQ: Sam Jones who owns the Skylight INN BBQ in Adyen North Carolina is the  grandson of Pete Jones, the designated “King of Barbecue.” The Skylight BBQ Inn has been opened since 1947, and being ”only seventeen, Pete set out on his own after learning the trade from his extended family, the Dennis clan, whom history shows to be the first in North Carolina to serve pit barbecue to the public. Pete Jones liked to boast that barbecue ran in his blood. Sam’s father, Bruce Jones, jokes that he used to put hog grease in his son’s milk bottle to make sure that barbecue would course through his veins too.

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4. Memphis BBQ C0, Horn Lake, MS

Memphis BBQ  ::  Southaven Barbecue :: Olive Branch Barbecue

Memphis BBQ Co.  What happens when you take two World Champion pitmasters: John Wheeler of Natural Born Grillers – the Smokin Aces BBQ Grand Champion for 2010 – and Melissa Cookston of Yazoo’s Delta Q – the 2010 and 2012 Memphis in May Grand ChampionWorld Champion you get the “best BBQ on the Planet….Period!”  BBQ Chefs Melissa Cookston and John Wheeler have a history competing across the land at a variety of different BBQ cooking contests.  Each has won hundreds of awards in the highly competitive environment of professional BBQ Competitions.  Melissa Cookston, in addition to winning the World Hog Championship for 2010,2011 and 2012, holds the distinction being the only female BBQ World Champion.

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3.  Jack Stack Barbecue, Overland Park, KS

Jack Stack BBQ Ribs

Jack Stack Barbecue: The top 10 barbecue restaurants wouldn’t be completed without at least one restaurant from Kansas City. While there are so many great barbecue restaurants in Kanas City, I am told that Jack Stack’s Barbecue is a must stop in any great barbecue adventure in Kansas City. Fox News put out their Top 10 BBQ restaurants in the U.S. and Jack Stack’s Barbecue was listed among the best of the best barbecue restaurants in the country: “Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas City offers first-rate crown Prime short ribs of beef and one of the best barbecue sandwiches in town…”



2.  Big Bob Gibson, Decatur, Ala

Big Bon Gibson BBQ

Big Bob Gibson BarbecueBig Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q has been a Decatur, Alabama staple since 1925, when Robert “Big Bob” Gibson first started serving barbecue at a makeshift table in his backyard.  From traditional World Champion BBQ pulled pork to the legendary Alabama White sauce BBQ chicken, Bib Bob Gibson is in great hands!

The Master of the Pit in Pictures of Chris Lilly


1. Franklin’s BBQ, Austin TX

Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX

Franklin’s BBQ:  Named the best BBQ restaurant in the Country by Bon Appetit magazine Franklin’s BBQ in Austin TX, has become one of the most respected barbecue places in the country. In a New York Times article in 2011, the Times described both Franklin’s(Aaron and Stacey) “…a new generation of barbecue cooks who are elevating a food tradition once thought to be timeless and at the same time fading away. Franklin opened as a food trailer in December 2009, quickly becoming one of the stars… to emerge from Austin’s trailer boomlet and transition to brick-and-mortar locations.” During my  trip to Austin I had a chance to just stand in line at Franklin’s BBQ, and I can’t wait to head back to Austin and visit this new mecca of BBQ. 

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