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BBQ Product Review Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 2, 2014

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Starting a proper fire is the very first step in creating a perfect outdoor barbecue and grilling party. Even those who are on the barbecue competition circuit know that having a strong fire to get your smoker up to the right temperature is important.

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I personally love my Weber charcoal starter and I rarely go anywhere without it when I am grilling and of course I never use any type of lighter fluids to start my barbecue fires. But the Grill Easy ™ Natural Lump Charcoal single use, no mess, all natural solution to firing up your grill is a perfect barbecue and grilling product to have to start your fires easily and cleanly.  Grill Easy™ Natural Lump Charcoal is an innovative single-use recycled cardboard container with an internal vent system that allows the griller to easily prepare charcoal without the usual mess and chemicals traditionally associated with lighting charcoal. The container is placed into the grill and a wick is lit from the front. The container burns off while igniting the lump charcoal leaving them ready to use in under 15 minutes.

Grill Easy 3 Steps

You might be wondering what is the size of the box that the Grill Easy comes in? The Grill Easy™  box is (L)8″ x (W)7-3/4″ x (H)6-3/4″ and fits in most portable and park grills, which is great because you don’t need to buy big bags of charcoal if you are only going to be grilling once. [Which by the way, I do not recommend at all!!] In addition, this box is really light and easy to carry and uses lump charcoal which by many people’s standards is better than briquettes.   Traditional vs Grill-Easy

I recently tried this product when I grilled my beef short ribs a couple of weekends ago and I had mixed results. It was a great product and it fit conventionally in my small Weber Kettle grill, which was a huge plus. In addition, I didn’t have to worry about moving the charcoal from my chimney starter to the kettle which I hate. The one issue that I came across is that it was a bit of a challenge to actually start the fire. For some reason the wick was broken and I had to figure out some creative ways to actually light the box. Once the box was burning it was nice to just sit back and relax.

Overall I think that this product is a perfect fit for those who don’t grill often and don’t want to buy big bulky bags of charcoal.

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