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BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley: Paying Homage to Pitmasters and Their Craft

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: March 31, 2015

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image via BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley, Washington D.C.

Sometimes great BBQ Joints are meant to be a hidden gems and require taking the non obvious route to get some amazing barbecue. My good friends at Wagshal’s Deli and Market have made some amazing barbecue a hidden gem located right in their own backyard, literally right behind their store in NorthWest Washington D.C.

You might be thinking to yourself that you are going to just read another barbecue restaurant review but what you are about to read is something completely different right from your normal barbecue restaurant but something completely amazing and different.

You might now be asking yourself what your experience with the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley different? Well, simple you get to experience having amazing barbecue right in the comfort of your own home instead about worrying about tipping your server, but we will get bak to that but first let’s talk about the actual barbecue.

Pork ribs- there is something about taking a bite out of a perfect smokey pork ribs, it literally feels like bottled up heaven.BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley has captured that very essence with their pork ribs. They are smoked to perfection and have the right amount of spices and smokey flavor. What I even loved more about the pork ribs is that when you reheat them they taste the same as when you would have eaten them right off the smoker they hold the smokey and additional flavor profiles do not disappear they actually taste even better when you are in your pj’s and watching a great movie or a great sports game.

Sliced Brisket – recently I have been on a brisket kick. I have been craving any sort of smokey barbecue goodness brisket I have actually debated within myself that brisket is the best smoked meat. With all that being said to me what makes or breaks a great barbecue joint is the quality of their smoked brisket and atBBQ Pitmasters Back Alley they hit their brisket out of the park actually it still hasn’t landed. At BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley they do not drown their brisket in any sauce and they even make their own potato white bread to place the brisket on top of it. The brisket has the perfect balance between the smoke flavor and the tenderness of the brisket, and to top it off the bark is so perfect that you will just want to grab a piece of the bark just for fun.

The next protein that I tried while at the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley was a homemade half smoke. I will fully disclose that whenever I go to a baseball game I always get a half smoke no matter what so I have very high expectations for what a good half smoke should taste like and boy was my expectations not only met but left me wanting more than just one. The homemade roll with the onions, cheese and chili is the perfect combination and something that will seriously blow your mind and taste buds. The half smoke should become a standard item at all barbecue joints but the guys at BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley have set the bar really high for others.

The last item that I would like to talk about is the amazing side dish of homemade cheddar biscuits. These were served hot and you can see the cheese oozing out of the middle of the biscuits and after taking a bite of them you were magically transported to your very own happy place. The biscuits had a perfect amount of cheese and were a great addition to all other meats that I tried.

Review and Rating of BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley, Washington DC

Ever since visiting the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley I have been thinking what made my experience so amazing? Could I pick out one specific item that I could say to myself: Richard this is what makes the Pitmasters Back Alley so special and different? And I think that the answer is no, I can’t and I am glad. From the moment that you walk into the entrance you are transported to a special place where the passion for celebrating the pitmaster is on full display. But what I think sets the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley apart from other barbecue restaurants is that you don’t have a choice but to experience some amazing barbecue at home with your family an friends and that is how barbecue is meant to be eaten.

My friends at Wagshals have set the bar so high that I don’t think that there will never be another BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley like this one! I know that in the coming years the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley will not only be a DC barbecue institution but a BBQ institution that everyone will want to experience.

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