Grilling Emerges as “Favorite Backyard Activity During the Summer | Grilling with Rich Grilling Emerges as “Favorite Backyard Activity During the Summer

BBQ & Grilling Newsbite: Grilling Emerges as “Favorite Backyard Activity” in US National Google Consumer Survey.  

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: August 27, 2016

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To get an unbiased, fact-based view into the best backyard activities in the US, the Tipspoke team ran a rigorous poll leveraging the Google Consumer Survey platform to survey thousands of people across America.  The results are in and Grilling was the clear winner, landing in the number one spot at the top of the list.  In addition to Grilling, there are 4 other awesome activities that made the top of the list, and over 50 activities in total that people voted to be their favorites.




When grilling season is in high gear, and there are lots of grill masters out there who are in their glory. But grilling isn’t only for the masters! We can all grill up some sensational meals that are simple, creative and darn right impressive.

What’s great about grilling is that is makes meals an event. Prep the food in advance and cook it outside! (Keeps the house cooler in the warm months and gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air). Plus, grilled foods taste different.

All you need are a few great recipes to get you going and I promise you that you’ll wonder why you haven’t grilled more! You can grill meats, fish, vegetables, and even fruit! Have you ever tried grilled watermelon? How about grilled peaches? It’s a flavor explosion.

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