Grilling with Rich’s Holiday Catalog

The holidays are all about good family, food and friends. Grilling with Rich wants to ensure that when it comes to grilling and barbecuing this holiday season, that you are totally prepared.

The Grilling with Rich’s Holiday Catalog is the gift guide for grillers that is backed with the experience and trials of an expert cook. You no longer have to sort through hundreds on online reviews, ask a neighbor or take a guess; the guide showcases some of Rich’s preferred companies along with his favorite barbecue sauces, products and everything grill related in between.

Rich’s Holiday Catalog opens with information about Grilling with Rich and explains the core values that makes Rich’s website the one-stop place for everything BBQ and grilling. There are also testimonials from industry leaders and cooking experts about the benefits of working with Rich.
The next section of the guide shows Rich’s national television debut on the Travel Channel’s “American Grilled.” Rich wants to share his grilling secrets with you that have given him all his success. That’s why the guide offers the top BBQ and grilling cookbooks; many of which that have won awards in 2014 alone.

Are you the type of cook that likes to read a whole bunch on new styles and perfecting the old ones? Rich’s Holiday Catalog has an extensive list of BBQ reading material to make sure you are brushing up on the very best available content on the subject.
Many chefs will tell you that without an amazing sauce, you don’t have a barbecue. The ingredients vary from dish to dish and country to country, but finding a great one is all that matters. The guide will assist you in finding the perfect BBQ sauce for your meal.

Outside of the actual meat, the guide has the accessories and grilling products you need to take your operation to the next level. Rich also tells you what BBQ and grilling companies he has worked with and that have provided excellent products.

Eliminate the guessing this holiday season and use Grilling with Rich’s Holiday Catalog.

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