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6 Great Tips on How To Grill in Any Space

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: February 1, 2016

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While small grill cooking has always been a matter of compromise, you don’t need to sacrifice that big grill experience entirely when you’re pressed for space.  There’s a variety of small grills that make any space challenges possible so that you can experience the thrill of grilling anywhere.  We’ve got tips, and rounded up the best types of grill for everyone not blessed with a spacious backyard.

Tip #1: Getting Down To Basics

Some things are primal: cooking over an open flame can bring out your inner caveman (or woman!).  It doesn’t get more essential than the straightforward set up of a grill rack over a fire pit. While technically considered a grill accessory, grill racks work when you’re in a pinch and are ideal for grilling on the go. Extremely portable, packing a wire grill rack or grate makes improvised grilling possible anywhere, whether you’re headed to a campsite cook-out or beach bound for barbecuing.

Tip #2: Wheeling and Grilling

A proper summer cookout can be unattainable when you live in an urban environment.  City living means outdoor space is scarce, and a balcony is most likely your only option for outdoor grilling.  If you live in an apartment complex or condo, on cart grills are a great option for portability and convenience providing an all-inclusive cooking space to season meat and chop vegetables, store utensils and tableware, and grill.  On cart grills are equipped with a wheeled carrier cabinet so that you can conveniently store your grill when you’re not using it.


Tip #3: Channeling Your Inner Grillmaster

A bulky, full range grill takes up a great deal of space.  With no added storage features or built-in counter space, using a separate table takes up precious real estate on a small patio or terrace. Instead, truly commit and channel your inner grillmaster with a built-in grill unit.  Built-in grills make it easy to both enjoy maximum outdoor space while allowing you to both cook and entertain with added counter space.

Tip #4: No Man’s Land

If you find yourself in no man’s land without any valuable outdoor space at all, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your love of grilling. You can bring the outdoor grill setting indoors with home grilling. Certain models of countertop grills are suitable for indoor use when operated in conjunction with a vented hood, so that you can still get that great grill taste in the convenience of your own home.  In-home grilling is also a great alternative when inclement weather approaches and you’re forced to take grilling indoors.

Tip #5: Going Green

Eco-friendly grilling is possible and now sustainable grills come in a variety of smaller models to fit anywhere.  An electric grill allows you to lose the propane tank and still have enough space to cook for a large group of people. Infrared heat cooks meals evenly, so that meats don’t dry out and won’t lose that genuine grill taste.  An added bonus is that electric grills leave a smaller carbon footprint, sure to appeal to eco-conscious folks.

Tip #6: Streamlining Your Grill Set Up

To streamline your grilling experience even more, trade in your large and cumbersome barbecue tools for foldable tongs and spatulas.  Vertical shelf units that attach to the wall can be your best friend, allowing you to utilize your space more efficiently to store your grilling utensils and condiments.   In terms of cutting corners while cooking, consider growing your own fresh herbs to season your food avoiding bulky seasoning racks. Also, if your grilling area is small, flexible skewers allow you to stack as many vegetables and allow you more space to grill.

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