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5 Easy Tips for Safe Wintertime Grilling

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 14, 2016

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With more and more people grilling and barbecuing all year long so keeping safe while enjoying yourself when the weather gets a bit cold outside. Here are some basic tips that will make your life and grilling or barbecue a lot more enjoyable in the cold weather.

Tip Shovel a Safe Path to and from the Grill: Making sure that there is very little black ice and snow so that while you carry your finished foods you don’t slip and hurt yourself and drop the food that you worked really hard to cook. Simply salt and shovel a wide enough path right before you even start the grill or start using your barbecue smoker.

27 Jan 2011, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA --- Jan. 27, 2011 - St. Paul, MN, U.S. - TOM WALLACE • twallace@startribune.com Assignments #20016231A_ January 27, 2010_ SLUG: grilling0201_ They started grilling in the winter after having a child, Dimitria was looking for ways for Marc to help with the cooking. _ IN THIS PHOTO:] Marc Kotsonas & Dimitria Kotsonas, winter grill to help split the work load after having their baby, Georgia Kotsonas, 2. (Credit Image: © Tom Wallace/Minneapolis Star Tribune) --- Image by © Tom Wallace/ZUMA Press/Corbis

Credit Image: © Tom Wallace/Minneapolis Star Tribune

Use the Correct Type of Gloves: Snow gloves aren’t the same as gloves that you would use to barbecue. The gloves that you use for barbecuing have more fabric and also use a stronger type of fabric and are usually heat resistant.

Be Prepared Before you Start Grilling: This tip might be a bit obvious but I usually run in and out of my house when I am grilling or barbecuing during the summer getting the tool that I forgot inside or the rub that I wanted to use but is okay during the summer because there is not ice on the ground which might not happen during the winter. If you forget something and you are running back inside the house during the winter and cold weather you might slip and fall and obviously that is not good.

Don’t Grill or BBQ Inside: Okay, this might be an obvious tip but hey you never know. NEVER EVER grill or bbq inside because of the increased amount of carbon monoxide. Just a remember that carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless, and tasteless gas and is extremely toxic.

Kept that Grill or BBQ Lid Closed While you Cook: “If you are looking you are not cooking.” This is a general rule or tip for normal grilling because when you open or leave the lid open you are letting the heat inside the grill or smoker out, which will increase the time of your cook.

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