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Weber Grills Style Digital Thermometer

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 19, 2011

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Hi Grilling with Rich Fans,

I know that I said in my weekly update on Friday that I would review a cookbook but I totally forgot that this week I am going to be in New York for Passover, and will not  have time to do a proper review. It also worked out well because I used it for my grilling adventure on Sunday when I smoked my first brisket it really gave me a chance to put this Weber product and grilling accessory to the test.  (Stay tuned next week for Ted Reader’s BBQ Burger Book review and also Ted is going to be interviewed for our Meet the Pros Series on Thursday!)


Weber Style Digital Thermometer

Okay right off the bat, I was really looking forward to obtaining a thermometer because every pit master that I have interviewed has told me that having a thermometer is a necessary item that every pitmaster should have, so now that I have one I am step closer to becoming a pitmaster. I was really glad that I got this product, and was intrigued on how it was going to work with both my charcoal grill and also my gas grill.


Inserting the Probe into the Brisket

What I liked about the thermometer – I liked how you can insert the probe (okay guys you can put your dirty joke here but remember this is a family site) and just walk away and you can still enjoy your company or whatever you are doing. Because the Weber Style Digital thermometer is wireless and the reading station has an amazing range of 100 feet so if you can be grilling in the backyard and then watching the baseball game in your Man Cave, (or Women Cave whatever you want) and you can still keep an eye on the temperature of the food that you are grilling. Another plus for this product is that the cleanup is really easy. All you need to do is use soap and water and bam it is clean and ready for your next grilling adventure.


The Wireless reciver station


What I didn’t like about the thermometer – I only had one critique about this piece of grilling equipment, but it was major: There was no general temperature setting: The only way that you could get a reading was if you selected one of the pre-sets that Weber set. For example, if you wanted to cook Grilling with Rich’s famous hamburgers well, you would simply select the meat, and how you want it cooked, and just wait. But if you just wanted to smoke a piece of meat (like I did on Sunday) you had to set it for the highest cooking temperature and after it reached the temperature you had to sit and listen to the thermometer alarm go off every couple of seconds.

Overall Impressions: I really liked using this product, I think that it was worth getting and more importantly having in your grilling tool arsenal.

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