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Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary Mix – The Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix to drink…..

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 29, 2013

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For this week’s edition of our barbecue and grilling product review, I am going to be reviewing an cool drink mix from my great friends: Ubon’s BBQ of Yahzoo. Leslie and the Ubon gang was one of the very first pitmasters that I meet when I first started Grilling with Rich more than two years ago. I have had a rare opportunity to hang out with and also to get to know the gang over the past two years and this year they became a Grilling with Rich sauce sponsor for the Grilling with Rich BBQ Competition Team for 2013 so when I saw that they were launching a Bloody Mary Mix I jumped on the opportunity to review this very interesting product.

If you are just tuning in to Grilling with Rich here is some background of Ubon’s BBQ of Yahzoo:

Ubon’s Barbeque of Yazoo is nationally recognized.  Garry Roark started catering in the mid 1980′s, sauce production in 1986, competing in 1989 and opened the restaurant in Yazoo City in 2003. Garry Roark is one of the featured Pitmasters at the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party. Garry has appeared on Fox and Friends, featured in award winning cookbooks (including Peace, Love and Barbeque), and holds dozens of awards from his years as a competition pitmaster. In 1990 Leslie [Gary’s daughter] joined the cooking team and in 1992 was the first female to win a grand championship in the Memphis circuit. As a father daughter barbecue competition team Garry and Lesile have participated in contests all over the country including, Memphis in May, Jack Daniels and Best of the Best. Their relationship as a father daughter team, while not unique, is rare. Leslie’s role is being a partner in the restaurant, catering and sauce business as well as rib cook/chicken cook for the competition team.  Garry is kind enough to share his spotlight with Leslie whenever possible. In addition, Garry has taught hundreds of people how to cook, shared his methods and his ingredients. At this point is one of the Grandfathers of Barbeque.

Let me start off the product review by saying that I am not a huge Bloody Mary drinker actually when and if I have a morning drink I tend to keep it really simple to having a simple Mimosa so I was defiantly stepping out of my comfort zone with this review and also the product and I was ready to try something great and boy was my expectations met and even surpassed. Since this was my first time ever having a Bloody Mary, I  came into the review with a complete blank slate and with no expectations. After shaking the sauce a lot, and then trying it, I was actually really surprised and really enjoyed it. I thought that the flavor combination between the mixture and the vodka worked really well together, even with the addition of the Ubon Barbecue Sauce flavors. Because the barbecue sauce also contains some tomato paste, it also acted as the “tomato” base for the bloody mary mix, which made it a  perfect substitute of the tomato juice.  Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary Mix is an all natural, gluten free, fat free, and has no MSG, so this product is not only tastes great but also is healthy.

Ubon's BBQ Bloddy Mary Mix

Overall, I really enjoyed this Bloody Mary Mix very much and I am looking forward to sharing it with some friends the next time I am at a competition and we all need a serious drink after working hard all night long on our brisket, and pulled pork. Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary mix is a perfect addition to not only your next outdoor barbecue at your house but also perfect to add to for your next barbecue competition. Trust me you will not be disappointed at all.

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