The Results of Memphis in May 2012

By: Richard Wachtel
Published: May 20, 2012
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The following are the results of Memphis in May 2012:

Results of Memphis in May 2012 GRAND CHAMPION – Memphis in May 2012 

Yazoo’s Delta Q


1st Place:    Serial Grillers

2nd Place:   Pork-O-Saurus

3rd Place:   Slab Yo Mama BBQ


1st Place:    Meat Makers

2nd Place:  The Beef N’ The Chicken

3rd Place:   Sysco’s Cajun Cookers Too


1st Place:    Meat & Cider Cook’n Team

2nd Place:  Contempt of Pork/Nailing Down The Pork

3rd Place:   Danish National BBQ Team


1st Place:    Hoggystyle

2nd Place:  Too Sauced To Pork

3rd Place:   Smok-In-Razor Backs


1st Place:    Natural Born Grillers

2nd Place:  Southern Folklore

3rd Place:   Curly Tail Smokers


1st Place:   The Barbecue Experiment

2nd Place:  Pork Me Tender

3rd Place:   Pot Bellie Cookers


1st Place:   Don’t Burn the Pig

2nd Place: Here for the Beer

3rd Place:  Boars R Us

4th Place:  Swiggin N Piggin


1st Place:   Red Hot Smokers

2nd Place:  People’s Republic of Swina

3rd Place:   Boardello’s


1st Place:   Yazoo’s Delta Q

2nd Place:  Right On Q

3rd Place:   Fireman John’s BBQ


1st Place:   Natural Born Grillers

2nd Place: Serial Grillers

3rd Place:  Gnarly Wine & Swine

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