The legend of Famous Dave's BBQ Restaurant: Part IV | Grilling with Rich The legend of Famous Dave's BBQ Restaurant: Part IV

The legend of Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant ~ America’s Rib King: Part IV

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 22, 2013

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Have you ever wondered how the Famous Dave’s Restaurant chain got started? Well, I was lucky enough to get the full story to share with you:  The legend of Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant told by Famous Dave himself: Dave Anderson! 

Read: Part I; II; and III .  

The story is told from Dave’s perceptive.  The article is edited only for clarity 

“The only man alive that is barred from visiting Hog Farms because if just one pig gets a glimpse of this man…it will set off mass hysteria amongst all the pigs and they’ll never be the same! In fact, I’ve seen Famous Dave walk down an aisle of barbecue equipment and immediately, you can tell this man has achieved a special place in the world of barbecue, as the BBQ grills all bow down in complete reverence like sacrificial virgins, wishing that Dave would pick one of them to use for smoking his meat. This man has that aura of smokiness and self-confidence about him the same way The Most Interesting Man in The World drinks Dos Equis.”
~Factual eye witness account by Hog Farmer, Jimmy Baird
Uniontown, Kentucky


…It don’t get any better than this!

Dave’s Passion for Chicago’s “Old School” BBQ & Jump Blues

Growing up in Chicago, you learn at an early age to appreciate the Blues.  Sweet Home Chicago, The Windy City, is home of the Blues (although Memphis probably disagrees).  Chicago has its own style of jump blues that just sort of gets you boppin’your head, shakin’ your booty, and stompin’ your feet.  Some of my favorite blues joints are Kingston Mines, Buddy Guy’s Legends, Blue Chicago, the old Checkerboard Lounge, Rosa’s, and B.L.U.E.S.  There ain’t too much better than listening to some Butt-Rockin’ Blues while you’re eating some heavenly smoky barbeque with the sauce running down to your elbows.

Let’s Get One Thing Clear About Old School Bar-B-Que…

Today, there are a lot of up and coming trendy barbecue joints in Chicago, which I think do an awesome job…but some of my “Old School” favorite Chicago Rib Joints are Lem’s, I-57 Rib House, Hecky’s, Uncle John’s, and The Rib Palace…storefront barbeques run by on-site owners who passionately still smoke up their ‘Que the old way. Don’t expect hospitality, atmosphere, service, or respect… you’re at these places for one reason only…Old School Bar-B-Que done righteous!

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