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The Legend of Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant~ America’s Rib King:Part II

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 8, 2013

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Have you ever wondered how the Famous Dave’s Restaurant chain got started? Well, I was lucky enough to get the full story to share with you: The BBQ restaurant Famous Dave Story told from Famous Dave himself: Dave Anderson!

I have decided to split the story up into various parts, so tune in each day over the upcoming week, as we get to know: The Legend of Famous Dave Anderson: America’s Rib King! [ Click here to read part I] 

The story is told from Dave’s perceptive.  The article is edited only for clarity 

“The only man alive that is barred from visiting Hog Farms because if just one pig gets a glimpse of this man…it will set off mass hysteria amongst all the pigs and they’ll never be the same! In fact, I’ve seen Famous Dave walk down an aisle of barbecue equipment and immediately, you can tell this man has achieved a special place in the world of barbecue, as the BBQ grills all bow down in complete reverence like sacrificial virgins, wishing that Dave would pick one of them to use for smoking his meat. This man has that aura of smokiness and self-confidence about him the same way The Most Interesting Man in The World drinks Dos Equis.”
~Factual eye witness account by Hog Farmer, Jimmy Baird
Uniontown, Kentucky


Becoming America’s Rib King: A Jedi Master’s Discipline To Master All Things Barbecue!

The Beginnings of Famous Dave’s Legendary Real Pit Barbeque

Almost all of my life, I have devoted my life to learning the secrets of being a great Pitmaster smoking up the best ribs on the planet! From day one, I have lived it as an entrepreneur, pursuing a dream to become America’s Rib King. Like some medieval magician grinding up strange herbs and secret exotic spices, and combining these with essences of molasses, raw cane sugars, sea salts, vinegar’s  and fruit reductions in big bubbling cauldrons I have obsessively strive to discover how to make The Best Ribs In America for the one simple, driving goal, of seeing the twinkle in someone’s eyes, and the smiles bursting from their face… the first time they take a bite of my slow-smoked, barbequed ribs. I never worked for a paycheck or for money but I have something deep within me that relentlessly compels me non-stop for the sole purpose of making other people delightfully happy with my addicting, mouthwatering, “tender as a mother’s love,” smoky barbeque! I am an old school Pitmaster. If it runs, walks, swims, fly’s, moos, or oinks… I can barbeque it. I am a keeper of the “Sacred Flame!”

It’s In My Veins! …Barbecue Addiction

To say I’m passionate about barbeque would be a complete understatement. If I am traveling down a country road and anywhere near a BBQ Joint or Smokehouse, I can feel it in my bones and my knees go weak. It’s almost as bad as a hard-core alcoholic trying to pass by a local watering hole! I love barbecue of all kinds. To me, there is no bad barbecue. Just watching smoke ooze out of a barbecue grill causes me to break into a nervous sweat. I often joke… if I were to get cut… barbecue sauce would squirt out. My fingers are permanently stained a reddish shade of barbecue sauce, my clothes constantly smell like smoke, and all of my shoes proudly bear the hardened splashes of sauce.

Picture of Famous Dave Anderson from Famous Dave BBQ Restaurants

Picture of Famous Dave Anderson from Famous Dave BBQ Restaurants


A Devotion or Driving Obsession To Be The Best Award Winning BBQ Pitmaster In The Universe!

Most people are surprised to find out that I don’t take vacations. Every waking moment is obsessively devoted to discovering everything I can find about barbecue. There is something about barbecue that is unlike any other food category where grown men or women will behave like there is no tomorrow in their unwavering quest to discover the secrets to smoking ribs. It took me 25 years, before I opened my first restaurant, of constant daily, non-stop thinking, cooking, smoking, making recipe after recipe trying to figure out how to make a great seasoning, sauce, and smoked rib. But my love for barbecue goes always the way back to my dad, who instilled this insatiable love for barbecue and created this relentless drive within me to master this secret art of combining meat, sauce, and smoke that’s almost like the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac. Just like an unquenchable lustful love, the quest to make “the perfect, smoky, juicy, tender BBQ rib” is an unwavering desire for which there is no cure…which I am fine with!




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