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The Grilling Life: Bringing the Competition to your backyard

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Published: May 31, 2012

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Hey Folks!  Well SUMMER is HERE, and I can’t think of anything other then enjoying GREAT BBQ with Family & Friends!! First off, I’d like to congratulate all our FRIENDS that just competed in the mother of all BBQ competitions, “MEMPHIS in MAY”.  GREAT job to all that made it out!

I know Competition BBQ is really picking up all over North America, so I started thinking about how we can bring the same COMPETITION caliber of BBQ into your backyards so that we can continue to deliver GREAT BBQ to our Family & Friends but also look GOOD doing it…

First things first.  If you want to pull off a successful Backyard BBQ & look like a PRO doing it, you have to start with a PLAN!!  Before you start throwing any kinda meat onto the grill you need to think about what equipment you will need, what you will be serving and how you are going to set up a Safe & Clean work station.  You will also need someplace for your guests to sit back and relax and enjoy your delicious BBQ.

For a great Backyard BBQ you need to have to right tools for the Job.  Most barbquers have plenty of tools already in their kitchens to pull this off. A good Grill or Smoker is a must.  Just try to stay to what you do BEST so you can Deliver top quality food for your guests. If you have never SMOKED a Brisket for ten + hours before, this is not the time to try it!  Try to look the “Role”, you want your guests to know that you are in charge. Sometimes all this takes is a COOL apron or a Chefs hat!  Have you ever walked into the back of a working kitchen?  You’ll instantly be able to spot who’s in CHARGE, and this is what you want.. Also,  don’t hesitate to designate a couple of buds to help you out along the way. This will both take some pressure off your shoulders plus makes you look more like the PRO you are by letting your guests see you delegating out the orders.

Bringing Competition BBQ To Your Backyard

If you want to look like a PRO,  your work station is going to be a VERY important part!  Your guests will be standing around watching you demonstrate your skills over the grill while they eagerly wait with  anticipation to taste your Great Food. This is what great BBQ is all about,so let’s try to look good doing it.  Most important of all is to to keep a VERY clean work station!! No guest, either family or friend, wants to eat somewhere that they see is not clean or safe!!  Next is to be very Organized.  A cluttered work station is a sign of your weakness and inexperience so lets try to have everything all laid out to a Tee.  Remember, we want to look Professional  here, so STEP UP!!

Last but not least, and probably the most important part of a successful backyard BBQ is for you and your guests to HAVE FUN!!! So plan ahead.  You want to have a large enough area to accommodate enough seating for everyone to relax and enjoy each others company while you WORK your magic over the Grill. This could be as easy as setting up a umbrella for shelter from the sun or setting up your competition pop up tent with tables and chairs.  Remember you want to LOOK like the PRO, so try to make your next backyard BBQ feel more like a catered event rather then just a BBQ on the deck!!

So in the end, if your looking to bringing the competition home to ur backyard this summer just follow these easy steps:

* Have a plan, and stick to it

* Do what you DO BEST

* Very important to have CLEAN & SAFE work station

*  Be as ORGANIZED as possible

* Remember the secret to a Successful BBQ is the Love of  GOOD Family & Friends, just still remember there still JUDGING your cooking so think of it as a Mini Competition & STEP UP to the Challenge, hahaa…

Happy “Q”ing my friends here’s to SMOKIN those BUTTz and staring at those Beautiful thighs…

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