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The BBQ Guru’s Newest Product: Party Q

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: November 29, 2011

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For this week’s Barbecue Product Review, I recently had a chance to try out the BBQ Guru’s Newest Product: The Party Q!  So let’s get started!

What does The BBQ Guru’s Say about the Party Q:  The easy-to-use PartyQ controls the temperature of charcoal or wood burning grills within a few degrees of accuracy.  This gives backyard BBQers the taste of charcoal cooking with the control of their kitchen oven. Even a novice outdoor cook can make competitive-quality, low and slow BBQ with the PartyQ. 

First Impressions of the “Party Q”: In the interest of full disclosure, I was so happy to get a chance to review this product and had very high expectations for this product and was a bit nervous . As I have been documenting on the website, one of my major problems when smoking food is maintaining my temperature on my Weber Smokey Mountain. I have done and tried EVERYTHING to maintain a constant temperature from adjusting dampers to figuring out the correct amount of charcoals to use, which has led me to become extremely frustrated so using the Party Q  was a welcome break from my normal frustrations. so when I first opened the box of the Party Q, I wondered to myself what is going on here? How is this all going to come together especially using it for my Weber Smokey Mountain. I was a bit nervous about using this product in addition as a barbecue novice a bit nervous of installing it correctly.

Okay with that being said, lets get down to the review of the product. For this review, we through on some chicken wings over the Thanksgiving weekend to try the Party Q which led to some great results of everyone enjoying them!

BBQ Guru Party Q Here are a couple of reasons why I really enjoyed this product:

1) Battery Run! – It seems that a majority of the products that the BBQ Guru sells require electricity, but not this device! This makes the product so diverse and really caters to the amateur backyard enthusiast like myself, so if you are participating in a backyard competition that doesn’t provide you with electricity fear not with the Party Q you will get the same results as a normal BBQ Guru.

2) Easy to Setup? – At first glance one would think that it is really easy to set up, but for this barbecue novice it was a bit complicated, but once we read through the instructions (yes, typical man right?) it was extremely easy to set up and install on my Weber Smokey Mountain. I really liked the ease of setting it up, you just need a screwdriver (this is something that I suggest doing in advance of a barbecue competition rather during the competition). One minor negative that we did in fact find, we would have loved some guidance on where to place the actual temperature probe, but I am sure that I am just in the minority with this, as I am sure that everyone knows the exact spot to place the temperature probe.

3) Easy to Use – Well, I consider this one of the most important factors in a product and the Party Q passed this test with flying colors. Not only was it easy to use, it was easy to set the temperature of the smoker, and didn’t require an advanced degree in technology. All you needed to do is set the temperature on a big display and walk away. The big display of the temperature is a plus as it makes it easy for you to see the temperature.

Party Q2.0? – One feature that I would love to see in an upgraded model is a Wireless display unit! I am sure that I am not the only one when I barbecue that I like to be doing hundred different things so have the ability to have a wireless display unit would be a great addition to an upgraded model.

The Party Q was a welcome addition to the Grilling with Rich smoker! It was a pleasure to just “set it and forget it” and not worry about making sure that there was a constant temperature inside the smoker. With the reasonable price point, this makes it so affordable for that novice barbecue competitor, which makes it a MUST have for any serious backyard-er or even expert BBQ enthusiast.

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