Texas Crafted BBQ Sauce: Kramer’s BBQ Sauce

By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 27, 2012
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For this barbecue sauce review we are going to be reviewing a barbecue sauce that has come from the Lone Star state: Texas. Some would consider Texas as the “mecca” of true barbecue others wouldn’t but we will save that debate for another time. Anyways, the barbecue sauce that we are going to be reviewing is Kramers Barbecue Sauce. I have had this sauce all ready to go for awhile, but things have been extremely crazy, so last night I finally got a chance to open the bottle and give this Texas barbecue sauce a try.

Before we get started with the review like I always do for any product that we are reviewing let’s get some background about the sauce.

BACKGROUND: Kramer’s BBQ Sauce is the perfect blend of Smoky, Spicy, and Sweet! Great on Everything!  Sold in 12oz beer bottle!  

Okay with the background and general description out of the way it is time for the review. For this review we are going to be focusing on as always, taste, smell and bottle.

Bottle: Kramers Barbecue Sauce isn’t bottled in the traditional bottle that you would see on various shelves and that makes the sauce even more interesting. The bottle is like  beer bottle or even an old school soda bottle, requiring you to use a bottle opener to open the sauce. When you first open the bottle you hear all the pressure releasing just like you would hear when you crack open for the first time a bottle of your favorite iced beer. It is interesting that the makers of the sauce used this type of bottle, I am wondering if it was to portray the idea of freshness because that is the first thing that came into my mind as I used my bottle opener to open the bottle. The first thought that came into my mind was: WOW this barbecue sauce is going to be fresh, and then the smell of smokiness hits your nose like a ton of bricks and you are then immediately eager to try the sauce.  Another aspect of the bottle that I did in fact enjoy is that the makers of Kramers provided a bottle stopper so that if you don’t use all the sauce the first time you can put the bottle stopper inside the bottle and then have it for your next grilling or barbecue adventure.

Texas Made Kramer's Barbecue Sauce Review and Rating

Texas Made Kramer’s Barbecue Sauce Review and Rating

We all know that smell and taste go hand and hand together. So if you like the smell of something you are more than likely going to like the taste of it also. That is no different with Kramers Barbecue Sauce. When you first open the bottle of the sauce you get a full blast of what a true barbecue sauce should smell like. For me, the smell took me right into a barbecue joint that is prides itself on the barbecue that they have been smoking for the past twelve plus hours. The smell of the molasses and the smokiness is a perfect balance and they do not over power each other. Especially for me I love a good smelling barbecue sauce and I am sure that you do also. The taste obviously the most important. I really loved the taste of Kramers barbecue sauce, there was a perfect balance between sweetness and the spice of the sauce. You really get to taste the various flavors such as tomato paste, mustard, distilled vinegar, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, white wine, honey, molasses, oregano, other spices. With each flavor profile doing what it is supposed to do, the barbecue sauce is a perfect addition to your next outdoor barbecue and grill out.

I am glad that I got the chance to try Kramers Barbecue Sauce because I real enjoyed the great flavor combinations and that perfect balance between everything. Even though I have yet to travel to Texas, I really feel in my mind that this sauce truly embodies what great barbecue sauce from Texas should taste like. After tasting the sauce I am even more excited that I am going to be traveling to Texas next year, because if this is an indicator of what barbecue and barbecue sauce is like, then I am in for an amazing time, because Kramers Barbecue Sauce is a great representation of what Texas barbecue should be!


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