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Stone Wall Kitchen Barbecue Sauces – Another Great Barbecue Sauce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: June 22, 2011

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For this week’s Barbecue sauce review we are going to try Stone Wall Kitchen’s Barbecue sauce flavors: Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce and Roasted Peach Whiskey Sauce.

Stonewall Barbecue Sauce

After last week’s barbecue sauce review of another gourmet barbecue sauce or specialty sauce we were a bit hesitant about how gourmet barbecue sauces and how well they will taste like. Like we always do for our product and barbecue sauce reviews here is some history about Stonewall Kitchen:

Back in 1991, Jonathan King and Jim Stott started Stonewall Kitchen with what began as just a jar of jam. After being encouraged by a friend to sell his goods at the local farmers market, Jonathan teamed up with Jim and they soon found themselves selling out every morning at the “market” every Saturday for the next five years. Their products ranged from vinegars, oils, pesto, jams, and other baked goods and their displays, products piled high in antique apple baskets and crates; so much so, that the local farmers decided they had to add to their displays as well. One morning, Lucy Tuttle, from Tuttle’s Farm came by their stand and asked if they sold wholesale. Shortly after they found themselves sold out before the market had even opened. This was how Stonewall Kitchen began their expansion. Soon after, the demand outpaced their production capacity so they purchased a barn in Kittery, Maine, which would become the company’s headquarters for a few years. They then upgraded to an even larger space in York and renovated an old community grocery store. They attended the Fancy Food Show in New York City in 1995 and came away with two high honors, including Outstanding Product Line, and left NYC with orders from 500 retailers across the U.S. They once again moved to a new site in 200 and opened a breakfast and lunch bistro adjacent to the store in 2003. They began a cooking school in 2008 for cooks of all skill levels. Today, Stonewall Kitchen boasts more than 6,000 wholesale accounts nationwide, nine Company Stores along the East Coast, and a staff growing in the hundreds. It continues to be one of the most awarded in the industry and since 1995, Stonewall Kitchen has received 26 prestigious wards from the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade. They have been awarded the coveted Outstanding Product Line Honors three times and continue to evolve ensuring its role as one of the most acclaimed specialty food producers.

The Tasting Plate

Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce: I am not sure why people think that bourbon and molasses think that these two flavors work together? I liked the sauce flavors and they were spot on, you could really taste both the bourbon and molasses. I am not sure though they work well though together. It would be interesting to see a separate sauce for each Bourbon and one barbecue sauce with the taste of Molasses. But with all that being said I liked the thickness of the sauce and it seemed to me that was the perfect thickness for your next grilling and barbecue sauce.

and Roasted Peach Whiskey Sauce: This was actually the one that I really liked out of the both of these sauces. I loved how when you tasted the sauce you really tasted the peaches. In addition another thing that I liked with the sauce was that there seemed to me to real pieces of peaches in the barbecue sauce. I loved the two flavors they worked really well together.

The Bottle: I really liked the bottle of the barbecue sauce. I liked how it was it was a glass bottle. I was a little disappointed though in the label but I understand that it is the companies label, I think though that they could have been a little more creative.

Overall Impression: I really liked both of these sauces, these sauces are definitely something that I would go out and purchase myself at a local stonewall kitchen. The flavor profiles with the both of them really worked well together. Despite this growing trend of gourmet barbecue sauces mixing bourbon and also molasses together I am 1 for 2 in the gourmet barbecue sauce category. Stone Wall Kitchen you are Grilling with Rich Approved!

You can find Stonewall Kitchen on the Web, Facebook and Twitter.

The Bottle of StoneWall Kitchen


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