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ShedSpred Regular – Barbecue Sauce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: August 17, 2011

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During Memphis in May, I had a chance to Meet with Head Shedhead Brad Orrison, I also had a chance to bring home a bottle of his ShedSpred back to the Grilling with Rich Kitchen and we are going to finally review this barbecue sauce, yeah I know May was four months ago, but hey I have had a lot of great barbecue sauces to try so, it is time to review the sauce!

Grilling with Rich Enjoys some Great Spread

Like I do for all of our bbq sauce reviews, lets get some background about the sauce maker:

Brad(24) returned the coast after graduating from Ole Miss and decided to take his passion for barbecue, family, a wholesome family atmosphere and most importantly having a good old time to a whole new level and decided to open the first “The Shed” in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Trying to break even with only 300 square feet to work with the Shed’s motto was to “strive to respect people,” and also to “become a true barbecue and blues joint” in the south. Teaming up with his sister Brooke and his brother Brett the three of them set out to build the Shed out of scrap metal while dumpster diving on the Coast. During that time Brad decided to use hardwood flooring that they found while dumpster diving and thought: “I’m gonna’ build myself a take out barbeque joint with all this junk!” Brad and his sister practiced cooking, smoking, and timing meat to perfection. A few weeks after opening, brother Brett (22) just graduated from Full Sail University in Recording Arts and being the sound engineer for the House of Blues in New Orleans, breezed in with all his knowledge and contacts to set up one of the finest Blues venues in the South.

The Shedspread Bottle

Okay now that we got some background out of the way, let’s get down to the actual review.

The Shedspread: to me one of the key factors on what makes a great barbecue sauce is how well, does the sauce “marry” smokiness and sweetness. Does one flavor profile not over power another? Well, for this barbecue sauce we think that Brad’s vision for the sauce does a very good job of finding the balance between smokiness and sweetness. I loved the flavor profiles of the sauce and how as the sauce goes down, you get a little zing of flavor. The sauce also does a great job of bringing out the flavors of microwaved chicken! Another great aspect of the sauce that I enjoyed was the great constancy of it. It wasn’t too thick and wasn’t too thin it was just right.

The bottle: there really isn’t too much to write about for the bottle, it is a pretty standard bottle and standard label. The one thing that stood out for me was the use of a non-standard color combo black and orange. I really liked that combo very much.

Overall impressions: Overall the Shedspread was well worth the wait and also a perfect combination of all the things that we enjoy in a barbecues sauce. Great story, the passion for the que and also a great marriage of flavors. I highly recommend picking up your own bottle today!

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