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Product Review: SteakChamp 3-color

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: June 3, 2015

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A while back I reviewed the original SteakChamp thermometer. It is a simple device intended to assist you with grilling a steak. That version you needed to buy it in either Medium Rare, Medium or Medium Well. Since then they have upgraded the product and introduced the SteakChamp 3-color.  The new SteakChap 3-color allows you to use one device but cook the steak to one of 3 desired temps; Medium Rare, Medium or Medium Well.

SteakChamp 3-Color

The simple steps to activate and use your SteakChamp 3-Color

One of the things I liked about the original SteakChamp is it was simple and easy to use and this has not changed with the upgrade to the SteakChamp 3-color. See the diagram to the right for just how simple it is to activate and begin use.

Once it is in the steak the process is simple using the new SteakChamp 3-color is simple.

Once you start cooking the color LED will begin flashing about every 8 seconds starting with Green for Medium Rare, Yellow for Medium and Red for Medium Well.  Once the steak reaches the desired temp for a certain degree of doneness it will  be replaced by a fast double flashing signal of the corresponding color. If you prefer to go to the next degree of doneness, do nothing and let the steak keep cooking, if that is your desired temp you simply remove the steak from the heat and let it rest until the LED stops flashing.

The one thing the SteakChamp will not tell you is when to flip your steak, and they  recommend you should flip it every 2 minutes.  However, our recommendation at Grilling With Rich is you should only flip a steak once and over time you will learn when it is that perfect time to flip your steak.

I did not try it but the folks at SteakChamp say you can use it at the Medium (Yellow) setting to cook a large roast, duck breast, fish and even do sous-vide cooking.

SteakChamp 3-color Review and Rating

SteakChamp 3-color packaging and activator.

The SteakChamp 3-color

However, while they say you can use it to cook multiple steaks at once to either the same temp or multiple temps, I still recommend if doing that using a different thermometer to check the other steaks to be safe. The fact is depending on your grill you will have different heat zones possibly so not all steaks will cook the exact same way. Also, if your steaks are of different thickness the cooking process will vary as well.

Still I am impressed by the folks at SteakChamp for turning out an improved product that does what it says. This would make a great gift for that person who loves BBQ and gadgets or the person new to BBQ who needs a little extra help learning to perfect the steak.

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