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Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 8, 2015

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Smartphones, Smart watches, apps, smart thermostats, smart kitchens, smart washer and dryers, we are in a gold age of technology for sure. But there has been one sector that has been left out of the “smart” devices until now.

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I love writing about new and innovative ways to grill and barbecue but these two grills and accessory take connectivity to a whole new level. In the grilling world we already have temperature devices that can connect to your smart phone via bluetooth, so why isn’t there a grill that can connect to your grill via your smart phone? Or why isn’t there a grill that is voice-activated?


The Lynx Smart Grill

The Lynx Smart Grill is the first ever voice-activated smart grill that automatically cooks foods based on user commands. Operation of the grill is driven by a fly-by-wire system that drives primary functions of the grill such as ignition and burners via an automated system that cooks recipes that have been pre-programmed by Lynx’s master grillers for a perfect meal every time. The Concept Grill incorporates voice recognition, online notification and seamless user interface to bring grilling into the 21st century.

The grilling process begins with a couple of simple questions from the grill about what’s to be cooked. The grill connects to an online database to determine the optimal grilling time and technique for the food, and tells the chef where on the grill to place each item to ensure the best result and have everything ready to go all at the same time. The Lynx Smart Grill can send notifications via audio, visual alerts, and mobile platforms. The result is an end to the chaos that too often accompanies a cookout. For additional security and peace of mind, the Smart Grill shuts off if it does not hear instructions for 30 minutes.

The Saber Grill EDGE Grill

Saber Grills, LLC has expanded its line of premium infrared gas grills with the addition of the EDGE™ grill, a smart, high-performance, contemporary barbecue that offers real-time cooking information via a Wi-Fi connection and is based off the DADO platform which allows  manufacturers a quick, modular, and configurable way to connect their devices to the Internet of Things.

The SABER GRILL EDGE is designed to look and cook like no other grill, the EDGE grill is a beautifully designed, well-engineered grill that makes full use of smart technology to deliver a superior cooking experience. EDGE is a two-burner grill made of high-grade 304 stainless steel. The grill’s sleek profile was achieved by re-engineering the burner system and replacing it with a super efficient, patented infrared cooking system that pre-heats quickly, eliminates flare ups and generates even heat across the entire grill surface. An LCD panel on the front of the grill displays grate temperature, fuel tank levels, burner on/off and battery life.

The grill features an all-infrared cooking system that has a wide temperature range and uses 30% less gas than traditional gas grills, a 340 sq. in. cooking surface on 304 stainless steel grates, a pull-out tank tray, and push button electronic ignition at each burner. The grill will have an MSRP of $1,999.



Optional upgrades include a SCHOTT ceramic glass lid insert, a halogen light and an app integrated meat thermometer.  Information about EDGE grill can be accessed remotely through an app that not only monitors multiple functions during the cooking process but also offers a database of recipes and cooking tips. The interactive SABER app – which can be viewed on both Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets – allows consumers to:

  • See real-time information such as grill temperature, burner on/off status,
  • level of fuel in the tank, and battery life of the LCD screen.
  • Receive alerts for pre-heat readiness, temperature changes, and when the grill is cool enough for cleaning.
  • Access a full range of grill-ready recipes and instructional videos.
  • Store original recipes and share what they’ve cooked via Facebook and other social channels.

The functionality programmed into the app is designed to bring value to grillers of all skill levels, so those users who want it can choose to dig deep into how-to articles and recipes for step-by-step cooking directions, and those looking only for the convenience of real-time information can simply monitor the cooking process and other grill functions.

“The SABER brand is built on the notion of creating ‘a better barbecue™’,” said Rob Schwing, general manager of Saber Grills, LLC. “That means better materials, tighter construction and now, the smartest technology, in order to deliver a better cooking experience overall.” “This is, at its core, a great marriage of useful technology and amazing design,” said Schwing. “Our customer is savvy enough to know the difference between an add-on gadget and true innovation. We made sure to build in only meaningful additions that would enhance the performance of the grill and the end-user experience.”


The Grill Bot

Meet Grillbot. The FIRST EVER automated grill cleaning robot. With just a single press your grill will be clean in a matter of minutes. Conveniently small in size but tough on grills, Grillbot  houses three powerful electric motors and a smart computer brain that regulates its speed and direction. It works on hot or cold grills! To use, simply place it on the grill, press the button, and then sit back and relax while it takes care of business. Built to last, Grillbot can work on gas or charcoal grills and is available with brass or stainless steel bristles. A built in LCD alarm and timer are added safety guarantees that sound if the grill is left on or when its cycle is done. When its job is finished it can be kept alongside the grill in its special hanging storage case.  {Click here to see the Grill Bot in action}


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