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BBQ Life: More Tunes to Que by…

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Published: July 18, 2013

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I have written several times on music that goes well with smoke, sauce and most types of outdoor cooking or smoking. For fear of boring my regular readers, I apologize in advance if you find this information or topic mind numbing, uninteresting, dull or repetitive. I will say this however, each time I have written on this topic, I always see an increase in the amount of commentary, input or fan mail that I receive regarding my monthly scribbles. In other words, instead of the usual “no comment” from my readership, on my two previous music columns, the first time I had two comments, the other time one was sent. In other words, I was swamped with reaction, and most of it was positive. So it is crystal clear to me, the crowd wants nay NEEDS more. And besides that, I cannot think of one other pertinent thing to write about this month.

Barbecue and Grilling Music

In my humble opinion, outside of the competitive arena, cooking barbecue is a very relaxing operation; at least I think it should be. For me, I find it almost therapeutic. I enjoy nothing more than placing my lawn chair near the smoker, grabbing a cold drink, firing up my stereo and watching the sweet blue smoke dance its way towards the sky. Listing to some good tunes, smelling the sweet smoky aroma while sipping a frosty cold brew, man, that’s what I call livin.

Of course it goes without saying it certainly matters, at least to me, what sounds are emanating from your, what word did I use, “stereo?” I suppose I am dating myself with the use of that word, do they even call them stereos anymore? I can hardly keep up with music technology anymore or even technology in general. But alas, even this ole dog has come to appreciate some of the advancements made by the music industry and the purveyors of recorded sounds. Digital music files, IPods, MP3, ITunes, all make it extremely easy even for me, a relative technological moron.


I am working on a new project of late which has caused me to search out more songs relating to barbecue, grilling and outdoor cooking. I thought I previously had a pretty extensive list of songs on this topic. That was until my latest quest began, the list now has grown to over 700 titles. My goal is to see if I can get to 1000. Why is this my goal? I have no clear idea, it just is.

Originally as I sought out songs, I would include them only if I liked them or felt they were “list worthy.” During my recent search I thought, who am I to decide which tunes to include, anything relative should be added. This has caused me to include titles from genres that I am not really a big fan of like the ‘slasher’ category. In the interest of fairness and inclusion, I now have them listed, although, I would quickly argue with anyone, anywhere, anytime as to the classification of this stuff (noise) as “music.”

Anyway, below you will find a few choice selections that I have recently added to my personal collection as a result of the latest explorations. I think you will find them very enjoyable. I have also included a lyric sample from each of the newly added tunes. Again, I would like to remind both of my readers out there, should you come upon a barbecue related tune that you think I really can’t live without, please don’t hesitate to send it along, on the outside chance I don’t already have it on my list. Because as of today, I am still about 250 tunes short of my stated goal. With a number that large of songs yet to find, you know I need all the help I can get.

Barbecue Baby- Luther Badman Keith
“I got a barbecue baby and the girl sure knows how to grill”

Barbecue and Beans- Don Ray Band
“I’ll show you my recipe, for some barbecue and beans, barbecue and beans, if you fall in love with my special rub, well baby I aim to please”

Barbeque on my Boogie- Michael Katon
“I like a little barbeque on my boogie, a little hot sauce on the side.”

Have Myself a BBQ- Porterhouse Bob
“If I can’t find my baby, gonna have myself a barbecue,
Open up a bottle baby, throw down some ribs and chicken too.”

Beach Music and Bar-B-Que- Clifford Curry
“ Listen ya’ll, hot sauce, good times, a cold drink in the sunshine, finger poppin everybodys rockin, girls lookin tough, I can’t get enough, beach music and barbecue, getting sand in your dancing shoes, nothins finer than Carolina, beach music and barbecue.”

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