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Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce v. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce comparison

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Published: January 3, 2013

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Scott Lindenhurst from which features tons of hot sauce and BBQ sauce reviews

In this edition of “Sauce It Up”, I wanted to take a look at two of the more well-known sauces that I have recently encountered to see what made each one tick. The two are very common and have been around for a long time, and both can be found in local grocery stores or in the actual restaurants.


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The comparison pitted Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce against Sweet Baby Ray’s, both of which have enormous followings – evident by Montgomery Inn’s 33,000+ Facebook followers and Sweet Baby Ray’s huge following of over 66,000 on Facebook. This is the Muhammed Ali vs. Joe Frazier of matchups. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s versus the Dallas Cowboys of the 90s. The Lakers vs. the Celtics. You get my point!

So when I recently sat down to review what exactly made Montgomery Inn one of the marquee BBQ sauces out there, I looked at the background of how it all started. Matula and Ted Gregory moved in to what used to be named McCabe’s Inn and renamed it Montgomery Inn just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. As Ted handled the duties of trying to make ends meet by running the bar, Matula was at home raising their four children and providing dinner for the kids each and every night.

Montgomery_inn_logoAfter Matula brought some of her soon-to-be famous barbeque sauce to the bar for Ted and some of the local patrons, people started raving about the sauce. It became a mainstay of every item on the menu and when a local restaurant critic first referred to Ted as the “Ribs King,” the Montgomery Inn Barbeque Sauce took off from there. Now they currently have a total of four restaurants in and around Cincinnati and the barbeque sauce is nationally known.

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