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Mojo Bricks – A Great Barbecue Product

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 26, 2011

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For this week’s barbecue product review, we are going to review Mojo Bricks!

I was extremely interesting in trying this product and looking forward to it. Overall, I had high exceptions on this product and when they arrived at my door step, I was really excited that I would be trying them out! But before we get to the product review, I want to give some background on the product.

Mojobricks are bound together with an organic polymer called Lingin. Lignin grows in the trees cells and it is what binds our 100% all natural grilling wood. Mojobricks are an Earth Friendly Grilling. Greener cleaner alternative to conventional charcoal. I used the Mojobricks during my latest smoking rib adventure. Even though they can be used exclusively instead of using charcoal, I put the bricks on top of the charcoals to give my rib some nice extra cherry flavor!


Mojo Bricks

Here are my thoughts on Mojobricks:

I really enjoyed using the Mojobricks they added some great flavoring to the ribs and it was a great addition, and the addition item that I liked about them is that you can ditch the charcoals and just use them for your next barbecue or even grilling adventure. The one item that I didn’t like about the bricks and this was a minor thing and it wasn’t even the mojobricks itself, was I wasn’t sure about the actual power of the bricks and I think that I put to many bricks on top of the coals. As I said it wasn’t the bricks, it was me.

Overall, I really loved the bricks and I really think that they are a must have for any serious barbecue competitor or even the average guy like myself who wants to impress your guests at your next summer outdoor grilling or barbecue event! I can’t wait to add these to my next barbecue and outdoor grilling adventure!

If you want to try out the mojo bricks for yourself, click here to order yours today!


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