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Memphis Barbecue Comes To Washington D.C. -A Barbecue Resturant Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 20, 2011

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With the sudden explosion of barbecue restaurants here in the Washington D.C. area, it no time for another barbecue restaurant to open in Arlington VA named Memphis Barbecue. Last week, I had a chance to try out the barbecue food at this local restaurant and see can the Memphis barbecue  style be successfully reproduced anywhere and more importantly right in Washington D.C. [Check out all of Grilling with Rich’s Articles that we posted during our time in Memphis in May! ]

Memphis Barbecue is the brain child of a Memphis native Chris George who wanted to share his love for barbecue and specifically Memphis Barbecue to the Washington DC metro area.

Appetizers – I normally do not review Appetizers at barbecue restaurants but I normally do not have appetizers at these places but at Memphis Barbecue, it was quite the experience having some amazing appetizers. Memphis Barbecue served up two specifically that I really enjoyed: A pulled Pork Eggroll and also Pulled Pork Burrito. My favorite by far none was the pulled pork Eggroll. Not only was it really original but it was executed perfectly, I know that this might be something that I try to make myself in the upcoming year. Both the crispiness of the Eggroll along with the perfectly pulled pork, it was a great way to start the meal.

Ribs – Obviously with the name of the barbecue restaurant: Memphis Barbecue and being that the owner also comes from Memphis I had high expectations for the ribs that they served. I really enjoyed the flavor profiles of the ribs, both the tenderness of the ribs and also the dry rub that they used on the ribs were a perfect combination. An additional item that I really enjoyed about the ribs was that while biting into the ribs they really brought me back to my time in Memphis earlier this year, which is always a great thing! I also enjoyed how the ribs had a bit of tug, but not to much tug which is how you know that the ribs were perfectly smoked.

Memphis DC BBQ Ribs

Memphis DC BBQ Ribs

Brisket – One of my new types of meat to both eat and also make is Brisket. As much as I really enjoy eating pork and chicken, it seems that I am all about pure red meat and more specifically Brisket. I really love it for some reason. So with that being said, I was really excited to try the brisket during my dinner and boy I wasn’t disappointed at all. The brisket was both tender and also very moist. The one thing that I found was missing in the brisket was the smoke flavor, which I wish was more evident.

Side Dishes – As I have documented a lot here at Grilling with Rich when I do a restaurant review, I totally judge a place even though it might be completely wrong on the merits of their Mac and Cheese! I really enjoyed the mac and cheese, but it wasn’t something that I am raving about. It had nice flavors, and you could tell that the food was made with some tender Barbecue love which is very important to any serious barbecue eater! I also liked the selection of the side dishes from baked beans, and Creamy Coleslaw just to name a few of the sides that are offered at Memphis BBQ

Dessert –  A meal isn’t complete without a great dessert and especially a great dessert goes along perfectly with some great barbecue. At Memphis Barbecue, even though I was completely full I still had plenty of room left for some pie and also a great blonde and boy it was worth it! Having both of them was a perfect way to end this great meal and I wasn’t disappointed.

Total Thoughts – Well, overall I really enjoyed the complete meal at Memphis Barbecue. From the appetizers to the main dishes to the desserts I had a great complete meal. Minus a couple of little things, I really enjoyed eating at Memphis. Now, I wouldn’t consider Memphis Barbecue a traditional Brick and Morter barbecue restaurant,  but I would have to say that if you are looking for something a bit different in terms of dinning atmosphere.

I highly recommend heading over to Memphis Barbecue because you are going to get some quality products with a great taste of Memphis!  

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