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Meat Week returns for its 5th tasty year January 26th – February 1st

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 26, 2014

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For the fifth year in a row, Washington D.C. and barbecue lovers from around the county will gather to enjoy slow-smoked meats across the Washington region.

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In celebration of Meat Week’s 10th anniversary nationwide, founders Chris Cantey and Erni Walker will cross the country to spend each night of Meat Week with a different local chapter.

Meat Week is a national holiday started in 2005. Each January, for 8 consecutive nights, people across the country gather over piles of BBQ.

[tweetability]Meat Week ( started in 2005 in Tallahassee,[/tweetability] Florida. Chris Cantey and Erni Walker organized an eight-night celebration of local barbecue joints. Since then, the concept has spread to American cities from New York to Los Angeles and as far abroad as London and the Hague.

At its core, this holiday is about togetherness. Gathering over BBQ harkens back to our family’s traditions. It’s not a prim and proper meal, it’s a down-home hang-out. Everyone can let their hair down and be themselves at a BBQ restaurant. We revel in the fact that so many people have latched on to this holiday and made it their own. Meat Week started with a couple of friends creating a new tradition, and it’s grown to an event that makes us feel close to people we’ve never even met.

The focus of Meat Week is barbecue – meats cooked “low and slow” and bathed in wood smoke throughout the cooking process.

Meat Week is loosely organized – most events do not require prior sign-up and participants can attend as many or as few as they prefer. Groups and individuals are both welcome, and attendees generally order and pay for their own food individually.

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