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Meat Mitch Rub: “Another Homerun from the Makers of Whomp!”

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 25, 2012

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From the makers of very popular Meat Mitch Whomp! comes the next big thing: Rub! Meat Mitch BBQ Rub Review and Rating I was really excited to be one of the very first websites to review Meat Mitch’s brand new product: Rub. I was even excited to see that they finally started to bottle their rub as I really enjoyed the Whomp sauce. But before we start with the review, lets get a bit of information about the Rub. From Meat Mitch’s website: “An unbelievable blend of spices that have been married together to accentuate the taste of anything from hog jowl to the money muscle. We built Meat Mitch Rub for war and we ain’t takin’ any prisoners…it has the perfect amount sweet, a dabble of heat, but doesn’t lose that little hint of salt that throws you over the edge.”

Finger Lickin Good:  For our first impression of the rub, we always just do a finger tasting. What was great about this rub was that you start of with some nice sweet flavors being that Sugar is the first ingredient listed on the label and at the end you are hit with some nice spices that don’t over power you. In addition to the nice flavoring, I really enjoyed the smell of the rub. There are some rubs out on the market that you know after opening them up, you are not getting quality ingredients, this isn’t true at all with Meat Mitch’s Rub.

On some meat: I wanted to do something a bit different with this rub and I also wanted to practice my barbecue chicken, so the timing was perfect.  I added the rub to the chicken and it came out perfectly and the flavor profiles were very complementary. The rub worked extremely well with the chicken and provided multi-layer flavor profile of the chicken. In addition, the rub added some great spice and sweetness.

Overall Impressions: Overall, I really enjoyed the rub. Mitch and the gang have done it again. They have hit another home run in making the rub have multi layers and some great flavors. You start off with some sweetness and by the time the rub makes it to your throat you are hit with some nice spices that don’t over power you. It is a perfect addition to any sort of barbecue both on a competition level and also for just the backyard. I have already planned out a couple of more great Grilling with Rich Barbecue adventures just so that I can continue to use this amazing barbecue rub. I truly feel that the guys from Meat Mitch have hit “another home run with this rub!”

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