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Meat Mitch Barbecue Sauce – BBQ Sauce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: May 18, 2011

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For this week’s Barbecue Sauce Review we are going to try Mitch Meat BBQ Sauce. Meat Mich Barbecue sauce is a Kansas city local Barbecue sauce and is made and bottled by Mitch Benjamin. By day Mitch is a sales rep for Taylor Made Golf is the leading manufacturer of golf equipment and he is also the creator, barbecue sauce creator and the member of the Meat Mitch Barbecue Competition team.

The Full Meat Mitch BBQ Sauce Line

During the 2011 World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest I had a chance to “Meat” Mitch and also try out his two sauces: WHOMP! and WHOMP Naked BBQ Sauce.

Grilling with Rich Digs into some Ribs with Meat Mitch BBQ Sauce

This review is going to be a little different, as I usually just taste the barbecue sauce that I am reviewing with my fingers and whatever I have laying around the house, but since I got to meet Mitch in person this past weekend during the 2011 – World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, I actually got to test drive the sauce on their ribs that they submitted in Memphis! The barbecue sauce also received third place during Memphis in May competition so I knew that I had a great sauce to try out.

The WOMP sauce: What I really enjoyed about the sauce believe it or not Grilling with Rich fans, was the little spice “shot” that you got after you had a nice sweet taste of the barbecue sauce. I also really enjoyed the fact that even though the sauce had a kick it wasn’t overlly spicy which made the sauce really enjoyable. Since I had the sauce with some perfectly smoked ribs, the WOMP sauce worked perfectly with the flavor profiles of the smoked ribs and I could see how this sauce can be used in various competitions around the country in addition to just using this sauce during your backyard barbecue for your friends.

Meat Mitch - Finger Lickin Good

The naked WOMP Sauce: This sauce had the same flavor profiles as the WOMP sauce but instead of having a spice “shot” after you have a taste of sweet barbecue sauce, you are left with just the sweetness. A great aspect for this sauce is that the sauce had no “f**kin” corn syrup. I also liked how the story of the naked WOMP sauce was created. After a major grocery chain decided to ban corn syrup sauces from their shelves Mitch decided to make a barbecue sauce so that they would be able to carry the sauce on the shelves.

The bottle – Overall the bottle and label was a typical, the one thing that stood out was the shape of the bottle of the barbecue sauce. Instead of your typical long neck bottle, the bottle was short and fat which I think is an interesting concept and I would like to see more barbecue sauce companies use this short and fat bottle.

Overall impressions: I really enjoyed both the WOMP and also the Naked WOMP Barbecue sauce. I really felt that I was trying sauce that was for very high standard competition barbecue teams. I also really enjoyed how once you tried the barbecue sauce you really felt the story and also the passion of barbecue in the taste of the sauce. I asked Mitch to describe his barbecue sauce in one sentence or less and he said to me that “Genie in a bottle, just rub it and all your wishes will come true!…”

I know that this sauce is a great one, and I look forward to seeing it in retail stores around the country because I know that I am going to pick a bottle up myself unless if the guys are nice enough to send me my own bottle!! 🙂

I truely believe that this sauce is something special, and I am very proud to add this sauce to the ever growing list of Grilling with Rich favorite Barbecue Sauces.

Oh and by the way, if you can’t wait you can purchase your own bottle TODAY via this website and tell them that Grilling with Rich sent you!

Meat Mitch BBQ Sauce Team and Grilling with Rich

Meat Mitch BBQ Sauce Team with Grilling with Rich

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