Kingsford Leather Grill Gloves: Product Review and Rating

BY: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 21, 2012

Besides being a ton of fun, grilling and barbecuing can be a bit dangerous, now think about it you are cooking over some pretty hot flames and also the hot ambers which are even hotter. One of the worst parts for me in barbecuing and grilling is transferring the hot coals from my chimney to the bottom of my smoker or even the bottom of my Weber kettle. I HATE it, think about it this way, you are transferring these hot coals out of a metal chimney that itself gets really hot, the chances of getting brunt is pretty high that is why I like to use some sort of gloves when barbecuing. My great friends at Kingsford charcoal sent me a pair of “hot gloves” to give it a try out and here is my review of them. [Click here to find out more about Kingsford’s E-store] 

Grilling with Rich with Kingsford Charcoal Grilling Gloves

What I really liked about the gloves right from the start is that they came pretty high up your arm. Most gloves that you see in the store only cover up to your wrist or even up to your watch at the most but not these. The Kingsford hot gloves actually come all the way up your forearm which is great because then you don’t have to worry about your forearm getting burt with hot coals. Another great aspect of the gloves is that they are made out of pure swede and they are also flame resistant and made out of some heavy material so you can really just pick up a burning coals and move them around to get that perfect set up for your coals, or if you drop one when you transfer the coals from the chimney to your grill or smoker.***

It usually takes me a month or two to really break in the gloves and also the fingers are pretty stiff, but not with the Kingsford hot gloves. As soon as I put them on, the fingers were extremely bendable just after one use it was great and after two uses they fit like a glove that was made just for me. [Click here to read MUST HAVE’s for BBQ Competitions] 

Overall, I think that Kingsford has done a great job with these gloves. They have a great price point and are perfect for the pitmaster and also the average barbecuer that loves to barbecue or grill over the weekend.


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