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Jack Stack Barbecue Sauce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 13, 2011

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Hi Grilling with Rich Fans,

For this week’s Barbecue Sauce Review we are going to review Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue Sauce which is from Kansas City!

Now, how did Jack Stack barbecue start?

“Jack Stack’s BBQ sauce originated under the name Smokestack Barbeque in 1957 when Russell and Flora Fiorella started a traditional style barbecue house with a modest selection of 5-6 items on Old 71 Highway. Their eldest Jack decided in 1974 that he would branch off to expand the barbecue theme and opened Fiorella’s Smoke Stack of Martin City at 135th and Holmes Road in south Kansas City. In the mid seventies, there were many good barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. Jack says, “my wife (Delores) told me we were just another barbecue joint in Kansas City. So we decided then we had to stand out.” Jack introduced Gourmet Hickory Wood Cookery in 1977 with brick-oven cooking and created the most extensive barbecue menu in the country. From Jack and Delores’ travels on the Yugoslav coast came the idea of grilling seafood over hickory wood. Thus, fresh seafood was added to the traditional menu of barbecue meats and hickory-grilled poultry and steaks. Business at our Martin City location had increased so much, the decision was made to expand by opening his second restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas. It was at this time that Jack decided to separate himself from the Smoke Stack restaurants owned and operated by his siblings around Kansas City. The new name would be a blend of the old with the new — Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue. Since then we have opened two more restaurants in the Kansas City area — The Freight House located across from Union Station in the Crossroads Art District and on the prestigious Country Club Plaza.  Today, the Restaurants have evolved from the typical barbecue house and expanded into the largest, full-service Wood Cookery in the industry. We also added Fiorella’s Private Dining for events and celebrations along with a multi-million dollar Catering division. In 2000, Jack Stacks began shipping their barbecue nationwide across the country and have been fortunate to enjoy national acclaim from many different sources. Jack and Delores have two children — Kevin and Jennifer. Kevin Fiorella along with Jack’s son-in-law, Case Dorman are now Managing General Partners in the business… bringing a third generation of the Fiorella family into the BBQ operation.”

Okay now that we got the history of Jack Stacks out of the way it is time to do some taste testing!

For this taste test I am going to be trying their KC – Spicy Sauce and their KC Original Sauce. The Two basic sauces!

I am also going to be specifically try the Spicy Sauce and Original Sauce with a classic American finger food – Chicken Nuggets!

KC- Spicy Sauce – I was a bit nervous about the spicy sauces as if you follow Grilling with Rich on a regular basis you will know that I hate extremely spicy sauces! This is true to its name because it has a spicy body to it, and is full of flavor but it isn’t burning your mouth off when you have it with a nice piece of chicken.  It defiantly did not have a major “kick” from the cayenne pepper, but it defiantly had a nice sweet spicy. I really enjoyed it very much!!

KC Original Sauce – I was really looking forward to trying this sauce. It seemed from reading the history of Jack Stack BBQ Sauce on their website I would get a taste of Kansas City right outside the beltway here in Alexandria, VA.  Even when I opened the sauce my dog Cooper went right up to the table really wanting to give it a test! I really enjoyed the sauce very much it had some great barbecue flavoring and also it made me want to to go to Kansas city and try out some barbecue sauce and also some of their barbecue!! In addition to using the KC Original with chicken nuggets I used it with my tofu that I made this Sunday and I really enjoyed it!! Yeah you are probably thinking that you don’t put real barbecue sauce on Tofu! But I would counter by saying that hey why not? If the sauce is good, why does it matter what you try it with.

My overall impressions about the Sauce:

I really enjoyed the sauce a lot. I even liked the spicy sauce, and surprisingly it was my favorite of the two sauces that I did try. I also tried the really hot sauce, and boy did that one had have real kick. If you are like me and don’t like spicy sauces but still want to try a light mild sauce then I would suggest getting the “Spicy Sauce.”  The Original sauce was also very tasty and enjoyable!

Overall Jacks Stack’s BBQ Sauce had some great barbecue flavors! If you want Kansas style BBQ Sauce then Jack Stack’s BBQ Sauce is your sauce!

Jack Stack Barbecue Sauce Resources:

  • http://www.jackstackbbq.com/
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