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How To Perfect a Sirloin Steak

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Published: March 26, 2012

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I don’t think the sirloin gets the credit it deserves. It’s not all about ribeyes and porterhouse…  you gotta give the sirloin a little respect.

Sirloin Steak

Typically when I’m cooking a steak, I’m looking for the most marbled ribeye that I can find. But occasionally I like to mix it up – especially when I can find a good deal. And this week my local butcher had certified angus sirloins for $5.99/lb and I just couldn’t pass that up.

Don’t let the price fool ya… sirloins are not a cheap piece of meat. Yes, it is leaner than a ribeye. But if you know how to grill it right, it can be just as good.

Sirloin Steak

To me, there are 3 rules for cooking sirloin.

  1. Rare to Medium-rare is the only way to go. Sirloins are naturally tender, they just get a bad rap because so many people go wrong by overcooking it.
  2. Sear the sirloin over extremely hot coals – or if you’re a gasser the highest setting possible…it’s the best way. Typically takes 4 minutes on each side and that’s it.
  3. Cook it to an internal temp of 125 (insert thermapen here) then rest…. it’ll pick up 5 more degrees in about 5 minutes and be a perfect medium rare.

If you want beef cooked past medium rare you might as well go for a burger.  Real steak eaters like a little blood.

To season my sirloin I keep it simple. Marinade in equal parts Worcestershire and soy sauce. I don’t measure – just put it in a dish and eyeball it. Let the steak soak for about 1.5 hours… just enough to let the flavors begin to work on the meat. Then pour off the marinade and season each side with Kosher Salt, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper and a touch of Granulated Garlic.  These seasonings not only add flavor but they’ll also give the outside some texture.

My new favorite toy for grilling steaks is ManGrates.  If you haven’t seen these, I suggest you take a minute and check them out.  These bad boys will give you a Steak House look while preventing flare-ups.  You also don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots because the cast iron radiates even heat.

Sirloin on grill

In the last 2 minutes of cooking, I like to put a pat of butter on the top of my steak. Just gives it that rich, steak-house taste. And let’s face it – I like butter.

There is really nothing easier – or better – than a well cooked sirloin. Add some mushrooms and roasted asparagus and you got one hell of a meal (no potato needed).

grilled sirloin steak

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