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Hope Family Wines Product Reviews

Posted By: Seth Mellin
Published: August 7, 2015

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There is no doubt in anyones mind that loves BBQ that beer, bourbon and whiskey go great with BBQ, as well as, Sweet Tea and Lemonade. However, there is one beverage I think gets often overlooked when it comes to BBQ and my friends at Hope Family Wines wanted to make sure I was aware of that by sending me a few bottles.

Located in Paso Robles Region of CA the Hope Family has been farming for over 30 years and originally grew apples and grapes. However, long gone are the apple orchards as they learned that the land was suited to become one of the top wine grape growing regions in the US. The Hope Family Wines has 5 brands of wine in their portfolio, Liberty School, Treana, Candor, Austin Hope and Troublemaker.

Photo Courtesy: HopeFamilyWines.com

Photo Courtesy: HopeFamilyWines.com

First up the 2012 Liberty School Merlot with an ABV of 13.5%. I am no wine but this was a delicious merlot, I enjoyed its fruit aromas and silky finish and it would go great with shredded smoked BBQ chicken, as the fruity aroma of the merlot and the smokey goodness of the chicken would be a nice contrast.

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Next they sent me the 2012 Austin Hope Grenache at 15.5% ABV it is a gorgeous ruby hue with nice fruity aromas and an easy finish. This would go nice with a burger or a nice juicy steak complementing it very well.

Last, we have 2013 Treana Red weighing in at 15% ABV it is a deep purple almost black in color. It has very intense fruity aromas and is full-bodied and velvety in finish. This would pair well with any red meat.

Now, I am no sommelier or expert when it comes to wine by any means, but one thing was clear to me when I was done with these. Wine pairs with all forms of BBQ just as well as any other drink, so if you prefer wine with your BBQ, go for it, you will have a great meal with a great drink. As with any food and drink pairing I truly suggest you experiment and find what you enjoy best as that is ultimately what matters.

Lastly, Hope Family Wines won me over and I will be a customer moving forward.

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