Grilling with Rich Teams up with Butterball Turkey for a Thanksgiving Giveaway

By: Richard Wachtel
October 10, 2013


Yes, you read the title of this post correctly! I am super excited to be teaming up with Butterball Turkey  in giving away a FREE turkey just in time for Thanksgiving! We all know that it is going to be around the corner sooner than you think so why not start thinking about what you are going to be making for Thanksgiving!

A whole roast turkey with fresh herbs, grapes and pumpkin

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So how do you win? SIMPLE all you need to do is to take a picture of you and your family in the kitchen and just enjoying each other’s company because Thanksgiving to me is all about family and food and then tag it with the hashtag:#gwradventures on Twitter/Instagram and even on Facebook!

On October 30, 2013 I am going to pick the most creative picture and send you a “Turkey Check” which is good for ONE FREE BUTTERBALL Turkey thanks to the amazing people at Butterball!

GOOD SMOKIN LUCK and most importantly just have fun!

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It seems that one of the major barbecue sauce makers Kraft has launched a revamped BBQ sauce line that features an old barbecue sauce classic and two brand new recipes: Sweet Honey and Thick and Smokey BBQ Sauces. These new recipes use high quality ingredients such as real tomatoes, sweet molasses, cider vinegar and cane sugar. But one of the best aspects of the new barbecue sauce line is that the sauce does not contain any high fructose corn syrups. I am going to be reviewing each new revamped barbecue sauce so for the first review I am going to be reviewing Sweet Honey! BBQ Sauce Review of Kraft BBQ's Sweet Honey Kraft Foods Group, Inc.  is one of North America's largest consumer packaged food and beverage companies, with annual revenues of more than $18 billion.  With the spirit of a startup and the soul of a powerhouse, Kraft has an unrivaled portfolio of products in the beverages, cheese, refrigerated meals and grocery categories.  The company's iconic brands include Kraft, Capri Sun, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Planters and Velveeta. Many are familiar with Kraft barbecue sauce and the sauce being a good standby if you are in a pinch and or need a barbecue sauce that isn't going to shock your guests. Before I started to really explore the world of "craft BBQ Sauces," I would go to my local grocery store and pick up a bottle of Kraft barbecue sauce and slather it all over any sort of beef or chicken that I grilled up. Then I started to really explore craft barbecue sauces and moved away from traditional big box brands until now! I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of Kraft BBQ's Sweet Honey sauce. The sauce had everything that I was looking for, from the smokiness flavor which was tied together with some nice sweetness. Also, I really liked how Kraft is using high quality ingredients such as real tomatoes, sweet molasses, cider vinegar and cane sugar. I also really liked how you can really taste the sweetness of the honey mixed in with the tangyness of the molasses and the cider vinegar. Another aspect of the sauce that I enjoyed was the thickness of the actual sauce. I think that I have started to really enjoy barbecue sauces that are nice and thick and really have a heavy "body" to them which this Kraft barbecue sauce definitely has a nice balance to. I tried the Sweet Honey Barbecue sauce on a piece of chicken and I really liked the addition of the flavors to it. Overall, Kraft has hit a home run with the revamped recipe and the brand new flavor Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce. If you are looking for a craft barbecue sauce that is only priced for a suggested retail price of $1.99 per 18-ounce bottle then this revamped line of barbecue sauces is a great pick up. Either way it is worth the try and hey you might be surprised likeÖ

BBQ Sauce Review of Kraft BBQ's Sweet Honey

Smokiness of the BBQ Sauce
Overall Flavor Profile
Label & Bottling
Price Point

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