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Grilling Fish and Seafood: A Whole Different World!

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: August 1, 2017

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When we hear the word barbecue, meat immediately comes to our mind. The sizzling of a large steak is a telltale sound, often associated with sunny days and fun outdoor activities. Believe it or not, though, grilling isn’t only suitable for land-dwelling animals.

Unbeknownst to many, fish and seafood are great ingredients for a successful barbecue. The taste and smell of grilled fish are extremely characteristic and can give your guests something to look forward to. Coupled with a cold bottle of white wine, these dishes are easy to digest and perfect for the summer.

Before you add a visit to the local fish market to your to-do list, there are a few details to consider. Cooking seafood may sound interesting, but requires a certain degree of attention to details. Let’s see what you should never forget!

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Keep It Fresh, Light, and Simple!
Exception made for a few crustaceans, fish is a lot more delicate than meat. When left outside, seafood will deteriorate much faster and soon start emitting a foul smell. If you want your guests – as well as yourself – to enjoy the meal, you should always aim for the freshest products you can find.

The rule of thumb, when possible, is processing your food within 12 hours from the moment it left the store. Almost every fish can be grilled, but some react better to it than others. Personally, I like to go for salmon, trout, cod, bass, shrimps, and cuttlefish. If you really can’t decide, take a look online and get inspired!

Preparation should also be as simple as possible. Forget heavy spices and thick sauces; olive oil, salt, pepper, and a few drops of lemon will usually do. Want to give your dish a more aggressive taste? Try using a branch of rosemary to garnish your food instead of a brush! Its leaves can then be crushed and added to the mix.

Use The Right Tools and Remain Vigilant

A rack of ribs can take hours to cook. Left with nothing to do but waiting, it’s not uncommon for some to exchange a few words with their friends or get to the fridge for a cold beer. Leaving your post while grilling seafood, though, could soon lead to disaster.

Unlike most meat-based preparations, fish only takes a handful of minutes to be ready. Before you place your fillets, steaks, and loaded skivers onto the grills, make sure that the entire surface is clean. Fish isn’t as fatty as meat would be, meaning that coating your grills in oil isn’t that bad of an idea.

Ultimately, always keep a fork and a plate at the ready! As soon as your fish starts turning brown and looking crispy, flip it. Once you are sure that the cooking is even, you can serve your dish alongside a salad, a few slices of bread, and a glass of wine.

Take the time to find the perfect recipe! Your friends and family will surely enjoy the results! To learn more about buying the proper grill when you barbecue your fish, check out Outdoor kitchens Perth to learn more

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