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Grill Grates Product Review and Rating

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: June 14, 2011

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For this weeks grilling and barbecue product review, we had a chance to try out another great product for your grill. We are sure that you have heard of this product, it is called: Grill Grates.

Using the grill grates we put together a simple but great summertime grilling recipe: Basic Lamb Burger. For the lamb burger we used some chopped up lamb meat, some onions cut up and some pre made Greek seasoning nothing to special because I wanted to truly focus on what the grill grates could do rather than the recipe.

Grill Grates

But before we start on the actual review lets give some background on the Grill Grates: “Using a Raised Rail design they are an engineered cooking system that sits atop any existing grill. GrillGrates sear and sizzle foods better than traditional grills, which have more open exposure to direct flame and juices are only fuel for flare-ups. GrillGrates keep delicious juices around for added flavor and tenderness. GrillGrates also shield food from excessive flame and flare-ups while heat is driven up the raised rails for perfect steakhouse searing every time. GrillGrates virtually eliminate charring but accentuate searing.” According to the website, “GrillGrates will provide years of grate grilling! With moderate care and proper use, a set of GrillGrates should last or outlast the life of your grill. Moderate care is essentially cleaning up before grilling using a traditional wire brush for Hard Anodized GrillGrates. Just keep the rails clean to deliver the best searing and nonstick. Periodic cleaning in the sink is helpful- especially after a heavy marinade that coats the GrillGrates.” To learn more about Grill Grates you can visit them on the web by clicking here.

Product Review and Rating of Grill Grates:

Okay now that we got some interesting tips and also background on the Grill Grates it is time to do the review. What I really liked about these Grill Grates is that you didn’t have to use any non-stick spray and the meat didn’t at all sit to the grates. Another thing that I really enjoyed about the Grill Grates is that they prevented a lot of flare ups so the meat wasn’t burnt and when you bit into the meat you weren’t biting into a burnt piece of meat. The flavor of the meat was locked in, and I can’t wait to try my next grilling adventure on them to see how the “natural” seasoning works for my next piece of meat. Oh I almost forgot the amazing huge spatula that that is specially designed for this product so that you can easily flip your meat! Using this spatula, made me want to use it for some other great grilling adventures that I have coming up!

Grill Food on the Grill Grates

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Lastly, since they do not weigh a lot it is easy for them to be transported and used for any grill either your gas, charcoal or even that electric grill that you aren’t sure what to do with. Overall I really enjoyed the Grill Grates and they are prefect for any summertime grilling adventure in your backyard or at your friends house. I definitely suggest you checking and picking up your own pair of Grill Grates today and most importantly, keep on grilling or barbequing! This is a great product and it definitely has the Grilling with Rich seal of approval.

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