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Golden Blends BBQ Barbecue Sauce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: March 2, 2012

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For Hog-It-Up BBQ’s first ever sauce review for Grilling with Rich, we thought we’d visit the wonderful folks at Golden Blends BBQ, a local company operating out of Front Royal Virginia!

Here is a little bit of history taken (with permission) from their website,

“The inspiration for Golden Blends BBQ originated in Page County, Va. where a family friend, Bill Bailey, owned a BBQ pit. He was successful for many years, and before his passing shared a simple, four ingredient recipe with my father who was known for his culinary alchemy. My father developed this gourmet sauce recipe adding whole, fresh ingredients such as garlic cloves, raw horseradish, and freshly diced onions. His ideal batch was achieved a short time later and was known by all friends and family as “the perfect balance of sweet & tangy”. In 2009, our family recipe was named “Bootlegger’s Blend” and became available to the public. A short time later, the next generation was experimental in the kitchen when Barry’s son Brandon developed a spicier recipe and coined the new formula “Black Powder Blend”, for it’s ability to add some fire to it’s signature tangy sweetness. We will continue to grow our small family business while keeping true to the finest, most wholesome ingredients available. We hope our sauce complements memorable backyard BBQs for years to come!”

As a Professional BBQ Competition team, we look at every sauce as a potential candidate for us to use at our competitions.  Golden Blends BBQ certainly fits those criteria with three fantastic sauces on offer that are sure to please every palate.  I particularly like the way Golden Blends BBQ keeps their bottles uncomplicated, with their logo on a tag tied around the top with some rustic string.  Bootlegger, Black Powder Blend and Dry Country Dip are often found in American favorite, Mason Jars!

Bootlegger is smooth, in texture and in taste.  Golden Blends BBQ have done a fantastic job of creating a sauce which is well balanced between sweet and smoky in flavor.  The combination of brown sugar and molasses gives Bootlegger a beautiful mahogany color.  It is a very well rounded sauce with just a touch of vinegar to give it a small bite.  Bootlegger would be particularly good on chicken which we plan to put that to the test in the next few weeks!

golden blend barbecue sauce

Black Powder Blend is the BIG BROTHER to Bootlegger!  It has all the wonderful traits of the Bootlegger with an unexpected kick up front!  The “kick” is not over the top and if you like a BBQ sauce with some heat this one is definitely the one for you.  We actually tried this sauce on some ribs over the weekend and the results we got were outstanding!  Black Powder Blend would also be well suited for brisket and makes me yearn to get the pit started and throw a hunk of meat on slathered with some Black Powder Blend BBQ Sauce.

Dry Country Dip is a thin vinegar based sauce.  It has a sweet hint of mild vinegar with the spices reminding me, of all things, Old Bay even though there’s none in sight!  It lingers nicely on the palate with a little heat, but not overwhelming.  Although we haven’t cooked with it yet we can’t wait to try marinating some shrimp in the Dry Country Dip and throw them on the pit or grill!

Overview:  Golden Blends BBQ sauces are a high quality sauce.  The small batches they make are handmade with top quality local ingredients used at the peak of freshness, and then stored in temperature controlled storerooms for a minimum of 6 weeks to allow the sauces to blend to their peak, ready for you to use.  You won’t be disappointed with any of these sauces as they are sure to suit every member of your family.  Don’t wait, go to their website where you’ll find an extensive list of vendors carrying their sauce, or better still, buy it online and have it shipped directly to you!

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